The basic tip for the start is to try to avoid making your Pokemon as strong as possible immediately, but this Pokemon Go tip is essential for beginners: don’t level up them immediately or evolve them. After capturing the Pokémon, you will see an enhancement option below.

  • Check statistics to get the best Pokémon

Pokemon accounts have several attributes that determine their performance in battle: their combat power (CP), personal data (IV), and their attack types. You don’t want to waste the Pokémon of Candy Evolution because they are easily defeated by other Pokémon. It is not possible to check IV statistics directly in Pokemon Go. But you can ask your team coach to give you an overview of your Pokémon.

  • Save your lucky egg

If there is a Pokemon Go tip that many players want to know at the beginning, it saves your lucky egg! Lucky Eggs are in-game items that can provide you with 30 minutes of double XP but should be used with caution. When you open pokemon accounts for the first time, frequent upgrades mean that you will eventually get some lucky eggs. However, as you progress, they become less and less.

  • Participate in gyms and raids in Pokemon Go

If you really want to get the most from the game, you should participate in Pokemon Go fitness games and raids. If your team has a gym, see if you can add your Pokémon. If there are gyms of other teams nearby, try to defend against their Pokémon.

  • Enable Adventure Sync

Walking is still the core mechanism of Pokemon Go and one of the reasons why Pokemon Go is good for your health. You use walking to hatch eggs and get candy from your partner Pokémon.


It is impossible to keep the application open all the time. This is where Adventure Sync comes in. This feature allows Pokemon Go to use data from Google Fit or Apple Health to track steps taken when the game is not running. This can be more than double the distance you travel.

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