If you are in the market for a new mattress you may be trying to decide which mattress will be best for you. Many are now finding that wool mattresses are a lot better than traditional mattresses. The question is, however, which one is really the better option? and mainly where to purchase it from?

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First lets take a look at the pros and cons of the wool mattress itself. One of the benefits of the wool mattress is that it is great for relieving stress on your back. The wool mattress also helps to keep your body temperature regulated while you sleep. You will find that during the warmer months you will sweat less, and during the cooler months you will not be as cold with this type of mattress. The wool mattresses are also mildew resistant. Having a mildew resistant mattress is always a huge plus. A wool mattress is also hypo allergenic, and they have a life expectancy for about 40 years. This means that you will not need to worry about replacing this mattress for a very long time. So what are the downsides of the wool mattress? One of the biggest drawbacks to the wool mattress is the price of course. You can expect to pay up to $2000 for this type of mattress. It will be up to you to determine if it would be worth the cost in the long run. With the wool mattress you will also not find many in the store room of stores that sell mattresses. The wool mattress is usually considered to be a special order item so most choose to order it online. You can check with your local store to see if they will special order one for you.

Choose the mattress according to the size and make of your captains bed.

So what about your traditional mattress? When it comes to a traditional mattress there are many different ones to choose from. You will find that at traditional mattress is a lot more affordable than the natural and environmentally friendly mattress. The lift expectancy on a traditional mattress can range form 30 to 35 years. The traditional mattress does tend to get worn down a lot quicker than the wool mattress. Of course some traditional mattresses do tend to last 40 years. It is highly recommended that you take the time to check what your traditional mattress is made out of, and how long it is supposed to last.

When shopping for a mattress it is very important to take the time and shop around. Do your research on the different brands of mattresses that are currently available? Once you have your list of mattress that you would be interested in trying visit the store to try it out. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions about he mattress itself.

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