A Healthier Way to Medicate We have combined some of nature’s best herbal resources to create a powerful remedy based on the marijuana plant. This plant has been proven to improve the health and long-term prognosis for many patients from the severest cancer cases to the mildest MS sufferers. Its wide range of application to a variety of symptoms including nausea, pain, muscle spasm, neural disabilities from MS – the list is enormous. Research has already shown that huge strides can be made in treating many previously untreatable patients.

Patients with tremor for example have no real recourse to any other means of controlling what is often a whole-body shake. Cannabis can control this unpleasant eyeball shaking symptom of MS and other serious diseases. Cancer patients have long known the appetite and nausea problems associated with radiation therapy can be addressed through cannabis medication. All these, including HIV patients can get respite from chronic pain. The removal of the pain is effective with the purchase of disposable cbd vape pen. The medication to the diseases is excellent for the benefit of the people. The charges are less when compared to the other medicines. All the details are provided to the people to have the benefits.

Medical cannabis can change lives for the better.

Unfortunately, smoking is the most common method of self-administration of medical cannabis. Some patients, despite the known remedial effects of this great medication, cannot take it because they do not want to smoke or have a disease that may prevent smoking. Bed-ridden patients in hospital care will typically not be allowed to smoke anywhere on the premises.

Ganja Juice addresses the needs of all those who find medicinal cannabis beneficial.

This subtle product comes in a concentrated liquid form and can be administered either by addition to many types of food and drinks, or simply taken straight from the bottle. It can also be safely added to lotions or topical creams where it is completely and safely absorbed through the skin.

Ganja Juice is the sensible alternative to smoking.

There are many benefits to this product in addition to cutting out smoking. Cannabis when smoked carries tar and carcinogens into the lungs just like tobacco, although it is not nearly as dangerous, as tobacco is treated with all kinds of toxic chemicals. Even though THC, the active ingredient in cannabis has been found to be anti-carcinogenic, lungs will still fill with tar and reduce capacity.

Ganja Juice can be used by almost any patient due to its easy administration.

Here are just some of the benefits;

  • Dosage can be regulated much easier than by smoking.
  • No smells to get rid of, either in your home or on your clothes.
  • High grade cannabis plants are used to manufacture the product.

The high is more consistent rather than the sudden “rush” of a smoke, caused by de-oxygenation of the blood combined with a minor short term rise in blood pressure and the ensuing blood pressure rollercoaster takes effect. When eaten, the effects are reached more gently and maintain a steady plateau until re-dosing is required. This makes it a safer method of use for people with blood pressure issues.

Manufactured with Flax-seed oil which itself is a very healthy nutrient for your body for many reasons.

It can be mixed with faster or more slowly digested foods allowing users to regulate the length of time it is effective for.

During the day it’s easy to take regular doses, but at night a slower release method may be more appropriate. This prevents the dosing up at bedtime and heavy smoking routine and instead results in more consistent and improved quality of sleep.

It’s a very discrete; no-one needs to know you are using it as there is no smell and as it can be added to hand lotion for example, it is very innocuous indeed to use.

It contains only flaxseed oil and cannabis oil – both healthy for the body for many reasons

Small doses can have just as much beneficial effect as high dosing in many cases. This reduces the need to be high all day, whilst still enjoying the health benefit for those that prefer to stay lucid.

Eating marijuana has a longer lasting effect than smoking, (almost twice as long!) making it a more cost effective means of medication.

Marijuana has a nice taste and enhances the flavor of many foods.

So what will happen to me when I use this product?

Ganja Juice has a very similar effect to smoking marijuana. Depending on the dose, effects can vary from a barely noticeable relaxed feeling, to almost hallucinogenic states. Heavy doses are in no way harmful but are not for the uninitiated. In particular a low blood sugar combined with low blood pressure situation and a high dose of cannabis can cause an effect commonly referred to as a “whitey”.

“Whitey’s” are named after the facial color drain that often occurs when too much is taken at once. Usually though it’s the combined oxygen deprivation to the brain from smoking, combined with fluctuation in blood pressure also caused by smoking that causes this pallid or ghostly facial appearance. Color soon returns though and there is no danger other than the odd stumble for the unwary. Often a whitey is merely a pre-cursor to a sudden ravenous appetite or a relaxing snooze. Using Bud-Boosters or Pot-Shots there is much less of this effect being an issue, as it is the smoking part that causes the whitey effect mostly.

The body’s hunger response to low blood sugar is referred to by many users as “the munchies”. Cancer patients frequently take medicinal Marijuana for this appetite-inducing effect as well as its anti-emetic properties. Grueling radiation treatments make this remedy a godsend as it deals with both appetite and nausea simultaneously. No other drug or pharmaceutical combination does this successfully.

MS patients might notice a reduced tremor, reduced pain, muscle spasm release and amazingly can reduce overall disability due to any of the 2000+ known MS symptoms. It is still not really known how THC achieves these amazing benefits but they are all now documented by the medical profession.

The effect of ingested rather than smoked Marijuana take longer to be apparent, usually about an hour from ingestion, but lasts longer than smoked Marijuana, up to twice as long!

It is recommended that individuals new to cannabis should start with small doses and build up to what they think is the correct dose for them. A high initial dose although safe biologically, is not recommended.

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