When we are “sitting” on a diet, our body needs increased quantities of trace elements and minerals. The explanation is simple: they come with food, and very specific. If the proceeds from food is limited, and reduced levels of these substances in the body.

Unfortunately, the Europeans had long been fed so that the necessary supply of minerals, vitamins and minerals in the diet fed. However, each person has a certain reserve, which began to be used for stress, high load, as well as during the diet.

Dangerous if the diet is used frequently and correctly. In the end, the balance is disturbed and the body of substances, even if losing those extra pounds, loses the opportunity to operate as before. In other words, not taking into account these nuances, we grow thin, get the desired result, however, quite unexpectedly confronted with problems such as fatigue, decreased performance, skin troubles, loss of hair, etc. The consequences depend on the individual person.

Can this be avoided? Yes. There are special supplements that can be used in diet. This is especially important if the diet is a long and scheduled more than a week.

Iron, copper, zinc, iodine, selenium, chromium, manganese – all of these trace elements are biologically active substances and require a person in small quantities. Necessary for normal functioning of all the trace elements, but there are several most important, without a receipt which can occur metabolic disorder. Discuss them in more detail.

Increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, affects the production of melanin and oxygen transport in hemoglobin. Necessary for the transport of oxygen by red blood corpuscles. Participates in the production of many enzymes. Better absorbed with vitamin C. The main manifestations of iron deficiency: fatigue and weakness, restless night’s sleep. Iron deficiency increases the risk of infectious diseases.

The daily requirement for iron for men 10 mg, 12-15 mg for women. Nutritional supplements containing iron, are contraindicated in hemochromatosis, hemosiderosis, polisitemii and some forms of anemia.

Component of antioxidant enzyme system. Necessary for the formation of melanin and iron metabolism.

Necessary to maintain the health of the reproductive and immune systems, as well as for tissue repair and renewal.

Component enzyme system of antioxidants. Is essential for healthy bones and nervous system.

Acts as an antioxidant to neutralize free radicals, strengthens the immune system and nourishes the cells and protects them from exposure to carcinogens. Provides tissue elasticity, promotes normal development of liver cells, muscle, pancreas, promotes the removal of heavy metals, prevents colds and infectious diseases, increasing sexual activity. Must be combined with vitamin E.

Involved in the regulation of blood sugar levels, promotes the development of insulin. With a lack of chromium the body is under great congestion, as is forced to work with a vengeance, to maintain a balance of sugar.

If during the diet you want sweet, it shows a lack of chromium. Receipt of chromium in the body during this period can reduce the unreasonably inflated-the need for sweets and carbohydrates.

Separately, it should be said about fats, because in most diets is they are excluded from the diet. Fats are involved in the construction of cellular membranes, to improve the condition of the skin, the brain, the immune system. Sharply limiting the amount of fat reduces the body’s endurance and longevity. Daily demand in fat – an average of about 80 g. In this animal fats, including the products of animal origin, should be around 55 g (70%) and vegetable (mainly from vegetable oils) – at least 25 Mr.

Very healthy components. Improve fat metabolism, reduce blood cholesterol levels, stimulate the immune system, increase the body’s defenses, mental performance, normalize the activity of the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of neoplastic diseases, improve the skin condition. The amount and composition depends elasticity and permeability of cells, which affects the metabolism. Of polyunsaturated fatty acids – synthesized substances – prostaglandins, which regulate many processes in the body tissues.

Among the polyunsaturated fatty acids are paying special attention to nutritionists omega-3 and Omega-6. Omega-3 have a significant effect on the cardiovascular system, have the ability to remove blood clots and to deliver man from arrhythmia, mobilize the forces of the body, reduce allergy. Acceptance of appropriate additives should be combined with vitamin E.

Omega-6 is also needed for normal body functioning, but in smaller numbers. The most favorable ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 in food experts say the ratio of 10.5 parts to 1 part.

An important component of fat needed for digestion and absorption of fat infiltration of cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood, build cell walls. It improves metabolism, nervous system function. Are important for preventing obesity, skin and cardiovascular diseases.

So, once again it turns out, how important it is to choose the right diet and treat it seriously. To repeat, if the diet is tough and durable, the call to nutritsevtam or at least the dietitian is a must. Weight loss – not only aim diets. Much more important than good health and normal functioning of all body systems in the future. Without this sense in the diet there.

After the conversation, and perhaps putting some tests, your doctor will help you not only in the choice of diet and subsequent food and dietary supplements will recommend that during the state of stress will support the body. It is important not only psychological state, although it certainly is primary, but also your health. And it depends on the chemical reactions in the body. As already mentioned, the shortage of iron you’ll feel drowsy, tired, lack of manganese leads to moodiness, tearfulness mood, “nately” and a desire to quit the diet, selenium deficiency can affect sexual activity, etc. Many trace elements should be taken in combination with other components. For example, the selenium will not produce the desired effect without vitamin E.

Often, when the manifestation of certain symptoms, we threw up his hands and say “it’s just necessary to survive, it’s all because of the diet. That will stretch another week, throw off three kilograms, and no more diets, no way, never. ” And yet many of the symptoms can be avoided by balancing the chemical composition of blood.

Self-selection and reception of microelements in the form of dietary supplements may not produce the desired result, whereas after the council with a doctor you will get exactly the set that you need, as well as strict guidelines for its use. Ultimately, you are not only easier to survive the period of the diet, but also achieve the desired results quickly and without harm to the body.

Keep in mind that to maintain the results of the diet is equally important period that follows it. If you start to eat, how to diet, will go on to achieve quick “no.” Reduce cravings for those or other products and to strengthen the resulting effect will also help with biologically active additives.

What can we do?

Many drugs are provided in pharmacies without a prescription and are designed for constant use to maintain the balance of chemicals in the body. They can render good service, but we must not forget that the doses of these drugs are designed for normal period of life, and diet belongs to the category of stressful situations. Also, taking dietary supplements without consulting a doctor, there is a risk to exceed the permissible dose of certain components that will have consequences that we absolutely nowhere. For more information, you should check some insights from reliable online sources like sparkhealthmd. This will help you to know the right and proper ways on how to take good care of your health.

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