You are never too young or too old to take swimming lessons. There are classes available here for children as young as two months and special programs for senior citizens. It is becoming more and more acceptable to have children start taking swimming lessons as young as possible. They overcome their fear of the water, as a matter of fact if they are started young enough they never develop that fear. Whatever your reason for wanting to take swimming lessons yourself, or have your children get an early start, there are great places in New York for swimming lessons. It is important to know how to swim. If your children are going to summer camp, it is a good idea for them to know at least the basics of swimming. If you are going on a family vacation to a lake for instance, it is important for everyone to know how to swim. Even if you have no intention of going swimming, just going out on a boat for a ride or for fishing, you will still be on the water and strange things can happen. Find the locations near you and visit a few. Find the one with the perfect program and the perfect instructor, the one you feel comfortable with and just have a good time.

The 92nd Street Y has swimming lessons for both adults and children, beginners or experienced swimmers who want to take a refresher course, maybe work with a personal coach to refine their technique, learn a new stroke or get rid of some bad habits. They have private and semi private lessons and also for those who want to get into competitive swimming, private and semi private coaching sessions. They are located at 1395 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10128

Asphalt Green – 555 East 90th Street (York Ave.) – New York, New York 10128 is a not for profit organization. They have swimming lessons for children from the age of 4 months and up. For the older, experienced children, they have springboard diving and even water polo lessons. They also have lessons for adults with every level of experience from novice all the way up to competitive. And special classes for adults with disabilities.

SwimJim has lessons at different locations from Harlem all the way down to downtown and quite a few in between. They have lessons for children from the age of six months and up. As the child progresses, they move up in class. For adults they have beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons.

Saf-T-Swim has swim lessons for every age from 2 months to adult. They have private semi private and group lessons for all age groups and a very special Hydro-Aerobics- a water exercise program for adults who cannot do conventional exercise due to physical limitation. They have seven locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties. All the essentials will be provided to the person. They can visit and View here for swimming classes lessons at the site. The rates will fluctuate as per the age and weight of the person. 

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