Choosing to get a tattoo is far from a trivial act. Like marriage, the tattoo is a priori there for life. Sometimes both can be painless or sometimes very painful and leave an indelible mark. If the process in itself has become commonplace today with tattoo parlors abounding everywhere, it is nonetheless a painful act because it requires a modification of the body. The sensation can range from a simple tingling to that intense burning. Today there is a way to get a tattoo without pain: numbing creams.

Is the tattoo painful?

Tattooing is considered a painful act. It should be remembered that this procedure involves piercing many points of the epidermis to deposit ink. However, pain receptors are particularly numerous in this area. The intensity of the pain nevertheless remains variable. It depends first of all on the place of the body to be tattooed. The ribs, lower back, torso, and ankles are some of the most painful areas. The forearm, shoulder, stomach, and thighs are the least painful. The intensity of the pain also depends on the tolerance of the tattooed person to pain. Using the tattoo numbing cream is essential there.

Get a painless tattoo with numbing cream

Many future tattooed ones wonder if there is not anesthesia that could limit the suffering felt during the tattoo session. The answer is yes. There is a possibility of reducing the sensation of pain during a tattoo.

It consists of applying to the skin to be tattooed a thick layer of anesthetic cream for 1 hour before the act. Depending on the cream used, the anesthetic effect disappears after 2 to 4 hours. Therefore, the tattoo artist will have plenty of time to complete the tattoo before the tattooed person begins to feel pain.

Many tattoo artists now use this form of anesthesia, which is sold by prescription for some brands and without a prescription for others, to improve their clients’ comfort.

Like any local anesthetic, tattoo numbing cream numbs part of the skin by creating numbness. It will act by blocking the sending of the pain message by the nerve endings. Therefore, it reduces or even eliminates pain and allows the tattooed person to experience the procedure less.

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