Most of us plan to install Lipumastid during the summer and winter. In the summer, flagpole installation faces no such challenges. However, in the area with extreme cold with snowfall, installation faces several challenges. The first step is to prepare ahead of time and choose the right type of telescopic flagpole and components. We encourage you to install the flagpole in the summer. If you do it correctly, it can easily withstand the harsh chilly weather. 

Make sure the ground is hard and plain

Choosing the right ground for flagpole installation is important. In the winter during snowfall, you may not point out the ground so easily. It is why we suggest marking the ground beforehand. There must not be any plants, shrubs or roots. Always double-check the installation site. Dig well, inspect well, and cover the place. 

Always buy genuine kit – no second hand materials

Next, you must use genuine flagpole installation kit. New genuine parts are trustworthy, so your flagpole can withstand any harsh climate, even a heavy snowfall. Second hand pole parts are likely subjected to break out. Remember, flagpole faces extreme weather changes. Even most durable flagpole can be damaged. 

Is the flagpole anodized?

The advantage of anodized flagpole is that it resists to extreme weather, such as snow and heat – corrosive damage (environmental wear and tear). As the flagpole faces both the extreme heat and cold, anodized parts will ensure the longevity of the pole. Anodized pole lasts longer. Yes, it is costly, but you will save more lately, as there will be no maintenance cost. These flagpoles also look spectacular.

Standard aluminum pole

Although lightweight, easy to install and available with internal hardware, some splinters of painted aluminum leave uncoated stains that can tarnish. The most durable finish is clear-coated brushed metal. Telescopic aluminum models are easily portable. Putting them on or taking them off takes just a few minutes.

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