Pokemon Go players are reporting that their accounts have been hacked and the player’s information is being sold online. The hacker has taken to Facebook to brag about his “success.”

“I’ve already got a few hundred dollars from all this,” he writes. “If I sold my account, it’d be a lot more.”

This is the second time in less than a month that Pokemon GO fans claim their accounts were compromised.

The first time was on March 8, when a hacker claimed to have hacked into at least two accounts. One Twitter user reported that her account had been accessed by a stranger and that “all my data is up for sale.” On March 16, another Pokemon GO player was allegedly hacked.

According to the hackers, they gained access to an account by using a stolen Apple ID. They also claim to have gained access to other players’ accounts through brute force attacks or because of social engineering tricks such as phishing emails.

One of the users who had their account hacked said that they received messages from people claiming to be with Niantic Labs, the developer behind Pokemon GO. The hacker claims to have contacted Niantic Labs about the issue, but says that there has been no response.

“They’re just ignoring us,” he wrote. “They won’t even acknowledge that we exist. It’s disgusting.”

In addition to the hacker boasting about what they have done with the information obtained from the accounts, he also shared some tips on how other hackers can gain access to your account. He suggests using “a random password generator” if you want to keep your account safe.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that any of us can do to protect our accounts from these types of hacks. But there are ways to make sure that your personal information stays private — and that includes not sharing too much information about yourself on social media sites like Twitter.

What Pokemon Go players need to know about hacking

Hackers are exploiting Pokemon Go to get information on players and sell that information to others. There’s really not much we can do to prevent this type of attack, so take some precautions to ensure that your accounts stay safe.

Don’t share your username or password with anyone.

Use unique passwords for every site you visit.

Never give out personal identifying information over email or social media.

Be careful about where you post things on social media sites.

Limit the amount of information you post online.

Keep track of your purchases using your credit card or PayPal account.

It’s important to note that while Pokemon GO players may feel helpless against hackers, the developers are doing everything possible to secure the game and protect its players. In fact, Niantic Labs sent out a message last week to inform players that it was working hard to improve security measures and update the game. As always, it’s best to follow the steps listed above to help keep your account safe.

How to find a hacked Pokemon Go account

We don’t know exactly how many people have had their accounts hacked, but according to one Twitter user, there are thousands — and possibly tens of thousands — of hacked Pokemon GO accounts.

To see if someone else is using your account, check your Google Play Store activity history or look through your app settings under “My Account” on Android devices. You’ll see a list of apps that used your account, including Pokemon GO. If you see anything suspicious, contact Google and ask them to delete the apps.

On iOS devices, you can go to Settings > General > Passwords & Accounts on an iPhone 6S or later device or Settings > iTunes & App Store > View Purchases on older devices. This will show you which apps have access to your account.

Unfortunately, you aren’t going to be able to do much about the hacked accounts. But if you think someone is using your account without permission, you should consider contacting the authorities.

For those worried about whether they were the victim of a hack, here are some ways to tell:

Check your Google Play Store Activity History.

Go to Settings > My Account on an Android device.

Look for Pokemon GO in your Google Play Store Activity History.

Search for Pokemon GO in your iTunes & App Store purchases.

Contact Google or Apple directly if you think you’re dealing with a hacked account.

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