Creatine occurs naturally in beef, pork, salmon, cod, tuna, and herring. Although a certain amount of creatine is naturally produced by the body, all the necessary studies have been conducted, and have proven that when creatine supplements are used as part of a bodybuilding workout program, large muscle gains are made, accompanied by considerable increases in strength and endurance. The testogen reviews will help you in understanding the effectiveness of creatine supplements and will help you in choosing the best products that are there in the market.

The benefits of Creatine Monohydrate are most effective when one is engaged in activities involving intense effort. The most common example of such an activity is weight lifting. Because of the fact that roughly 93% of the naturally occurring creatine within our bodies is stored in the muscles, it plays a very significant role in supplying our bodies with the energy boost required to perform muscle-bound work. Creatine is responsible for restoring Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP, which is the substance that fuels the normal energy cycle of the muscle. While our muscles contain enough ATP to fuel a certain amount of energy, creatine loads the muscles, restoring ATP to a degree where energy is raised to a point where you are able to perform the same amount of work for a longer period of time. Creatine supplementation allows you to execute that extra “bonus set” while working out, resulting in the gaining of muscle at a slightly faster rate.

An added “perk” resulting from the use of creatine is the fact that recovery time between workouts is reduced. In addition, being sore between workouts is not a pleasant experience, and creatine has been shown to reduce muscle soreness.

While eating foods that contain creatine is recommended for helping to build muscle, without adding creatine supplementation to your diet, it would be necessary to eat extremely large amounts of this food, which would be impractical. It should also be noted that creatine supplementation allows you to be accurately aware of exactly how much creatine you are ingesting.

Generally speaking, the common creatine dose is five grams per day. As an example of a good creatine supplementation schedule, you can take fifteen grams for five days straight, and once your muscles are loaded with this high dosage, you can drop your intake down to the normal daily dosage, taking it thirty to sixty minutes before your workout. Couple this supplementation schedule with your consistent weight lifting program, and you can see fast safe muscle gains.

Once you begin taking creatine on a regular basis, you might start to notice immediate weight gain, in the range of two to five pounds. This is due to the fact that creatine enables your muscle groups to store slightly more water, which assists in the building of more muscle. It is because of this excess water storage that creatine is sometimes thought to be similar to steroids, when in actuality creatine and steroids share nothing in common, as creatine is an amino acid, and builds muscle in a completely different way than steroids does.

Always remember to drink plenty of water while on creatine, as it is excreted through the kidneys, and results in an increased risk of dehydration. Anyone who suffers from kidney disease should stay away from creatine supplements altogether and simply focus on building muscle “the old fashioned way”. For those who suffer from any type of chronic illness, are on heart-related prescription medications, including blood pressure pills, or who have any type of medical condition at all, it is very important to always remember to consult a medical professional before taking creatine supplements.

Depending on the person utilizing creatine supplementation, the results will vary from minimal to significant. Age, sex, workout intensity, and workout frequency all play a part in the results that you will experience. As a side note, I find that a solid full-body workout, three times per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), works well with creatine supplementation. As with any type of supplementation, do not take more than you have to, as this will only hurt your body. If taken correctly, creatine can be the supplement that will give you that safe, effective, muscle-building boost that you’re looking for.

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