At some point in our lives, we will be in the unfortunate position of having to buy flowers for a funeral. It is not something anyone wants to think about in advance, but neither is it something that is easy to think about if a loved one has just passed away. There will be a wide range of possibilities, which may come as a surprise. We are offering you same day delivery for funeral flowers.

What flowers to buy for a grave?

If there is a type of flower that you know the deceased person liked, it will always be an appropriate gesture of remembrance to leave in their grave. Many flowers represent some aspect of death and mourning, and taking the time to discover what these flowers symbolize will make your tribute that much more personal. You just need to order them online, as Wreaths Singapore offers artificial LED wreaths and flowers at affordable prices.

Gladiolas symbolizes remembrance as well as strength and integrity. Rosemary has historical ties to the memory, as does the iconic poppy. Daffodils are also symbols of hope, as are rebirth, as are hyacinths. Hyacinths represent grief. Color plays a role in the meaning of each flower, so if there is a flower you are attracted to, read about its color symbolism as well.

Practical considerations

When making a choice about funeral flowers, consider some practical considerations. The biggest consideration will be cemetery policy. Each individual graveyard will have its rules about what types of arrangements can be left and for how long. Get in touch with the decorator or the cemetery to know more about the rules and regulations.

Be practical

Condolence flowers are usually sent to the mourner immediately or sometime before the funeral, although there are no rules about the time. If you are choosing flowers for the funeral of a person who has recently passed away, pay special attention to etiquette. Consider the personality of the person who has passed on.

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