Are you trying to quit smoking or are you looking for something different, less toxic, more fulfilling, and yet more affordable than the ordinary cigarette? You just found your answer; Electronic cigarettes. Even better is the fact that you can find these electronic cigarettes here in Reno, Las Vegas.

An electronic cigarette otherwise referred to as an ecig, or an e-cigarette is an electronic device that resembles and simulates the traditional cigarette. However, unlike a normal tobacco cigarette, it does not need a flame for lighting, it doesn’t produce toxic smoke, is tar and ashes free, and is very cheap in comparison to the traditional cigarette. Similarly, you have Snus. Snus are actually designed to give smokers a tobacco hit but are much healthier than traditional cigarettes. 

With the ecig, you inhale a mist that may or may not contain nicotine and some flavors, a process referred to as e-vaping. This mist comes from the evaporation of an e-liquid that you use with the e-cig, with the aid of a mild electric current.

With an e-cigarette, you eliminate the risk of fires in the house. You can also smoke it anywhere, including most no-smoking zones, including at work, on the streets, and at home. This is because it does not produce smoke, it doesn’t have the foul odor that comes with traditional cigarette smoke, and you do not burn any tobacco. The mist that is produced while “smoking” the e-cigarette is simply water vapor that is odorless and quickly disperses in the air.

Again, due to the reduced toxins in the vapor, as opposed to the tobacco smoke, you significantly reduce your chances of getting ill or poisoned; no cancer, heart and lung conditions, and other diseases and disorders that result from tobacco smoking. Simply put, electronic cigarettes are a healthier and safer “smoking” option to traditional cigarettes.

Reno Nevada electronic cigarettes clearly define the location where you can get your favorite e-cig and e-cig flavor. In other words, if you are in Reno, Las Vegas, or the larger Nevada, you can order your e-cig online or at our store.

The ordering process is very simple, straight forward, and secure. With just a few clicks on your mouse, you will have your choice e-cig or e-liquid being shipped for delivery to your doorstep. To add on to this, you also get free shipping in the US for any order that goes beyond a hundred bucks.

Just to make it clearer, below is a simple components breakdown of an average electronic cigarette:

An atomizer and cartridge is the part that holds the e-liquid while also acting as the mouthpiece. A battery is the power source of the e-cig. The ecig comes with an electric charger/adaptor to allow you to charge this battery for use. Furthermore, a LED Light is an electric flow indicator that also simulates the lighted part of a traditional cigarette. It allows you to know whether your battery and the electric circuit is working. Last but not least, E-liquid is the liquid that contains nicotine (although you can have one without nicotine). Some e-liquids are also flavored.

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