These are the most creative ways you can display sea balls. The ocean is a beautiful place, but it’s also full of life. There are many different creatures that inhabit this amazing watery world and one of them is the sea ball or sea urchin. They’re so fascinating because they look like spheres made of rock with a thin layer of soft tissue on top of them. 

But the sea ball isn’t just an interesting specimen to have in your home – it’s actually useful. Not only do these creatures provide food for birds and fish, but their shells make great decorations. So let’s take a look at some fun and creative ways to display sea balls! 

  1. A Sea Ball Wreath 

This sea ball wreath is made from sea urchins and will be a delight to those who love these little creatures. You’ll need a large wreath (you can find these online), some sea urchins and glue. If you don’t want to use glue, simply apply tape to the backside of the sea urchin and then stick it onto the wreath. This is a very easy craft if you’ve got children. 

  1. Sea Ball Candle Holder 

If you’d rather put sea balls on your mantel, this sea ball candle holder is the perfect way to do it. All you need is a small sea ball, a bowl and some candles. Place the sea ball inside the bowl and fill up the rest of the space with sand. Then you can add a few candles and admire how well-lit your room will be when you light them all up. 

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  1. Sea Ball Christmas Tree 

Christmas time is a joyous time for everyone, but what could be more joyful than a sea ball Christmas tree? This one is simple enough to make, but there are several steps involved. First, you’ll need to get yourself some sea urchins and glue. Second, you’ll need to cut them open and remove the hard part so that the white tissue can show through. Third, create the base of the tree by using wooden dowels as branches. Finally, start adding sea balls or other decorative elements until you’ve created your own masterpiece. 

  1. Sea Ball Wall Art 

There’s nothing better than creating something out of materials you already have around the house. This sea ball wall art project is no exception. Simply buy some sea balls and attach them to the wall with glue. Make sure that the wall is smooth and straight before attaching the sea balls in order to prevent any damage. Now you’ve got a piece of sea ball wall art that you can enjoy every day. 

  1. Sea Ball Stained Glass Window Decoration 

Staining glass is a fun hobby to pick up, especially if you enjoy working with colors. In this case, you’ll be staining your sea balls and then setting them into clear glass windows and hanging them on the walls. It’s an inexpensive way to decorate your home, but it takes a bit of patience. Once you’ve attached the sea balls to the frame, you’ll need to wait for the stain to dry. This process may take hours, depending on the size of your sea balls. Be patient and enjoy the finished product. 

  1. Sea Ball Tabletop Centerpiece

You probably wouldn’t think about putting sea balls on the table at dinner parties, but why not? These adorable little sea balls are the perfect centerpiece for anyone who loves seafood. All you need to make this is sea balls, bowls filled with sand and a couple of sticks to hold the sea urchins upright. Your guests will be impressed with your unique creation. 

  1. Sea Ball Lamp Shade 

Who says sea balls can’t shine too? These sea balls make wonderful lamp shades that will brighten up any room. They’re so simple to make, but they’ll definitely leave a lasting impression. You’ll need to purchase two sea balls from your local pet store along with a container of sand and a pair of scissors. Cut off the outer edge of each sea ball with the scissors and then place the sand into the openings. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to trim down the sides of the sea balls that were cut earlier. Attach the sea balls to the lamp shade with glue and enjoy your new lampshade. 

What ways have you found to display your sea balls? Share your ideas below! 

Have you ever seen sea balls outside of the ocean? What else would you like to see displayed with these creatures? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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