If you want your website to be in a whole new, possibly better, category in search engine results, then you need to focus your attention on video optimization. This overlooked SEO option utilizes the power of video to sell a product online. More and more people prefer to see short video clips when they visit a website instead of reading lots of text. Let’s face it, we live in If you want your website to be in a whole new, possibly better, category in search engine a world now that doesn’t want to do much reading, but they would rather watch a video on how to do something, watch a news clip instead of reading about it in the paper, and view images to give them a more realistic interpretation of a product or service. Due to this demand, Google has chosen to index these videos and factor them into search results. This creates a whole new way to market a product through an online business. Along with premium writing, the ranking will be increased at the sites. If required, then there will be availing of the discount on video optimization. Through this discount, the rankings of the video will be increased. 

Because video optimization is underused, there is limited competition in this area. This potentially allows for significantly increased traffic to your site through the use of video optimization. There are two ways that Google allows videos to show up in search results: through video search and blended search. In the blended search, the results that appear are in categories labeled new results, image results, video results, etc. When blended search results appear, there are only about 3-5 results initially shown, then you have the option of clicking to see more. If your video ranks in the top results of a search page, the video is the first thing shown even before any text content. This shows how valuable good video optimization is.

With a video search the searcher types in a specific entertainment, informational video, or a news clip that they’re looking for and the search results will bring it up. Within this, searchers can do a general search within all types of visual results, or a more specific video search like news clips only or images only. When a searcher is looking for a video and stumbles upon your video on the first page of the search results, this will prove to be a great feat for your online business. Consequently, if your video has a low ranking but high traffic because of the amount of images visitors can browse through, that ranking is not necessarily all that bad. When someone visits your site and is able to quickly search through images, they will more than likely spread more time on your site.

You can store video and images on your own site, but there is another option that may boost your chances for more people seeing your site. This option is through the use of a hosting site like YouTube. When you place your video on it is indexed by subject and number of views; and more importantly more people will be able to view it. Plus, through your YouTube video, you can put your site’s URL and description in a link that will enable people to go directly to your website for more information or to buy your product. Not utilizing the profit and marketing potential of video optimization would be a wrong choice.

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