The modern world is evolving in terms of habits, and lifestyle and personal care have become a significant practice for people millennials surely. Europe is well known for its aesthetics, traveling, and incredible experiences. People can add to the reasons to visit Europe with wellness retreats that are great and help you to relax and calm body and mind. 

We are here presenting the listing of top the retreat detox centers in Europe that you must visit once in your life to attain a luxurious and calming experience. 

Top fitness retreats in Europe!

  • Lefay resort & spa lago di garda (brescia, italy)

To have a luxurious experience consisting of wellness and nature, you can consider visiting the lefay resort surely. The resort is located at the center of renowned “Riveria dei limoni’ all covered by hills and terraces, making it all an incredible view to spend your vacation at. The experts will perform spa method health programs along with a wellness approach to help visitors with wellness treatments. Visitors can experience the fusion of classical Chinese medicine with western scientific research. 

  • The retreat hotel blue lagoon (grindavik, Iceland)

A well-established and high prestige deluxe hotel, blue lagoon fits perfectly into the top listing of the retreats in Europe. Tourists can enjoy unique water massage in mineral-rich geothermal waters with a fascinating view of the landscape in the blue lagoon. The hallmark of the spa in the blue lagoon can assist you in experiencing treasures of geothermal water. 

  • Six sense douro valley (lamego, portugal)

To have a heaven like an experience with six sense, Douro valley is the ideal state for one. You can experience great views of vineyards and rivers below, and the countryside wellness getaway is a romantic and ideal place for people. To attain a specialty spa treatment experience, this is a must-visit place for everyone. 

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