Let’s face it, dieting is tough. The foods you ate that helped contribute to your weight problem are not the same ones you need to eat to slim down and improve your health. Sugary foods are drastically reduced, and your favorite chips are probably not going to be on your daily meal plan. Self-denial is never easy, especially if you have maintained unhealthy eating habits for a long period of time. Dieters make a number of excuses to cheat on diets and to rationalize their poor choices.

I Will Start My Diet Tomorrow

If you want to lose weight but are hesitant to give up some of your favorite treats you might fall into the “I’ll start tomorrow” mentality. The problem with this type of thinking is there is always another tomorrow and another reason to put off eating healthier. You may even go overboard and eat even more garbage today because you think it is okay because tomorrow you will start eating healthier. I admit to falling into this trap myself. If you are serious about losing weight you have to stop eating junk food now, not tomorrow.

Junk food is the worst enemy of the human body that becomes a bane within a few years as obese people know to their cost but losing it is a hard boiled task and laziness has to be discarded completely and focus and determination should be taken up immediately as reading leptoconnect reviews to lose kilos aren’t enough.

I’m Too Busy to Eat Healthy

This is by far the silliest excuse for cheating on a diet. No matter how busy you are you still manage to find time to eat. It does not take any more time to eat an apple for snack than it does to eat a bag of chips. Cooking a bowl of instant oatmeal in the microwave only takes a few minutes and is much healthier than grabbing a doughnut on the way to work. In fact, in the amount of time you may wait in line at the doughnut shop you probably would have been able to cook and eat that oatmeal.

I Blew It Already So I Might as Well Keep Eating

This is a classic excuse I use to cheat on a diet and a habit I am trying to break. If I take a bite of my kids cookie or eat a bit more for breakfast or lunch I will write the whole day off as a loss and eat whatever I want. The fact is it is far worse to keep eating unhealthy all day than it is to have a slip now and then and give in to temptation. Eating a little ice cream or a couple of squares of chocolate won’t break the calorie bank, but overeating the rest of the day will.

I am a Stress Eater

Times are tough right now and the economy has put a lot of stress on most Americans. Stress is an everyday part of life and cannot be used as an excuse to binge. It is a form of self sabotage and often adds to stress levels instead of decreasing them. After all, you are stressed out because you are overweight and want to slim down yet you are eating in a way that will prevent that.

It’s a Weekend, Holiday, Special Occasion, etc…

While I would not say indulging in a small slice of cake at a birthday party is necessarily cheating on a diet, using the party as an excuse to binge on pizza, chips, sugary sodas, large pieces of cake, and a giant mound of ice cream is. It is okay to eat a little more on special occasions as long as you are not eating in excess. Holidays and birthdays are classic days in which dieters feel they can get away with overeating and have a valid excuse for doing so. Some dieters also fall into the weekend trap. Saturdays and Sundays are not days where you are free to eat whatever you want in excessive portions. No matter how well you eat during the week, if you binge on weekends you may consume more calories on these two days than you would have if you ate junk food Monday through Friday.

Dieting for weight loss take motivation and will power. When deciding to embark on a weight loss plan make sure you put yourself on a no excuses diet as well. Not only will you lose weight faster you will feel better about yourself as well.

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