According to the professionals, the 18th century is well known as a century of the philosophers. It was one of the most popular first groups of philosophers. Voltaire is fairly one of the most popular writers who have written regarding innovative and new ideas. This particular writer was died in 1778 and become a mystery that will always remain unsolved.

There are so many websites that are out there where you can easily access Voltaire quotes.  Such a famous writer was exile a lot of times. You will find so many strict censorship laws are available in the 18th century. This was an exile in the 1716. By 1729, Voltaire has become a wealthy person who has won the French lottery. The following are three vital things that a person must know related to the Voltaire.

  • Prolific writer

When it comes to the best writer, then Voltaire is the first name that comes in our mind that has written almost 50 plays. Such a famous writer wrote a lot of philosophy and politics books. He has spent almost 18 hours in writing. According to the professionals, he drank almost 40 cups of caffeine on a regular basis. If you are searching for the quotes of the famous philosopher, then you should pay close attention to the quotes of Voltaire.

  • Never married

According to the professionals, Voltaire wasn’t married in life.  He has carried an affair with a brilliant author.

  • Death

Voltaire was one of the most popular writers who were died in 1778. Such a famous writer was continually causing controversy after death.

Moving further,   such a famous writer died as a bachelor. If you are looking for the best quotes, then you should pay close attention to the Voltaire quotes properly.

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