There are many forms of entertainment to watch out for where you can savor your leisure time with rest and relaxation as life is one big hectic model where you have one busy schedule after another with little respite to look forward to.

The younger generation is extremely lucky in this regard as they don’t have to worry about it for now due to their college life that they enjoy to the fullest without any worries because they have their parents to take care of their needs and desires.

They are lucky to be born in the social media age with mobile phones replete with the best games of the highest order not to mention the entertaining platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to showcase their talent aside from academics, which does not do them any justice to be honest.


Tiktok has become the latest sensation that has taken school kids and adolescents by storm as it has nearly 3.6 billion users across the globe that keeps uploading their 10 sec video to showcase their talents to the entire world while others do it for entertainment purposes.

However, now everything has changed as the Chinese app has become an issue of national security threat due to the Communist nation called China revealing its ignoble intentions of siphoning off sensitive info from its users.

Its biggest revenue nation, India, has banned 59 Chinese apps in the country due to which China has incurred a huge financial loss and with countries like US, UK, Japan and Australia offering their vehement support to India, it goes without saying the coming times look pretty bleak for the dragon.

Tiktok download has taken a sharp plunge with citizens putting national security over entertainment that has left China completely isolated in front of the whole world while the US has put some strict sanctions over them to rub salt on their wounds.

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