Due to the small number of Sunny days in most parts of our vast country, the question with a bronze tan, many choose with Solarium, so that you can relax enough, especially wintertime. But due to the serious competition (the Solarium is in almost every beauty salon, Barbershop) income from this activity in recent times has fallen considerably.

In this regard, a number of manufacturers after going through http://www.crackthecustomercode.com/245-vicky-smitley-business-plans-cx/ began to offer tanning Studio, equipped with a bill acceptor allowing to exclude totally the staff and as a consequence significantly increase the profit. According to experts, the installation of vending Solarium will increase the profit up to 40-50% compared to the conventional tanning bed.

The advantages of automated tanning studios

The machine takes his own money and maintains statistics. The owner receives the actual data: the number of visits. The process does not require human intervention, as is completely automated from receipt of the funds. The client chooses the required tanning time, and the system automatically determines the necessary amount of money. The device is equipped with an electronic scoreboard, which shows the time remaining before the session ends, and the next customer sees how much he needs to wait his turn. Models equipped with changing rooms, allowing you to install them anywhere, even in the Mall. The automatic switch-over value minutes depending on the days of the week (weekdays/ weekends) and 4 times during the day that allows you to attract customers in “death watch”.

The cost of vending-the Solarium is not much exceeded the cost of conventional apparatus, by an average of 50 thousand rubles, but the economic effect due to savings on salaries is clear.

On this page, you can familiarize yourself with different options of vending tanning beds. This type of tanning is a turnkey business turnkey and does not require the involvement of hired personnel.

A little economy

  • The cost of purchasing tanning: 250 -500 thousand rubles (depending on model)
  • Costs include costs for rental space, electricity, and advertising.

Net profit depends on the season, in March-April (when there is a massive influx of visitors), the profits, up to 70 000-80 000 per month and in the summer time profit (after paying all expenses) is 15 000- 20 000 rubles, the average for the year profit is 40 000 – 50 000 rubles a month

ROI: 6-8 months.

Vending Solarium profitable enterprise requires no additional costs. Once set and forget. It is necessary only to remove the revenue and once in three months to do maintenance.

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