Unlike traditionally built homes, modular housing begins in a factory, long before the home’s foundation is poured. For people considering modular housing, they may be concerned that this process could produce substandard housing. However, the opposite is actually true. The construction process used to build modular housing is one that ensures a quality that can surpass a traditionally built home.

A modular housing project begins when a consumer contacts a modular builder. A modular builder does not construct the modular housing, but is responsible for helping a home buyer decide what he wants. A modular builder takes these wants and needs and orders the pieces needed to complete the modular housing project from a manufacturer. The modular builder is independent from the manufacturer.

A good modular builder is essential to help a home owner navigate through the many options available in modular housing. Modular housing builders claim that no two buildings need to be alike, which is a marked difference from the stock plans that make up many suburban developments. Instead, modular housing is chosen to conform to the needs of the people who buy it. Style and size are easily altered to the preference of the buyer, with no added hardship on the part of the modular builder.

A modular builder will also begin to do site work after the modular housing units have been ordered. After receiving the modular housing’s foundation requirements from the manufacturer, a modular builder will pour the foundation.

Once a modular home has been chosen, the building plans used to construct each module are reviewed. The modular housing must be approved in the state where the home has been sold. Modular housing must meet all of the building codes for that state, and a third party inspection agency reviews the plans on behalf of the government. Later, when the modular housing is ready to be shipped, the inspection agency will place a label on the home indicating that the modular housing meets the standards required by the state. In a new construction homes pa, all the standards of the state should be complied without violation. There should be no oppose in shipping the modular housing through the inspection officer. 

Construction of the modular housing begins in a factory where building materials are cut and assembled by trained workers. Because of construction of modular housing takes place indoors; there are no weather delays. Modular housing units can be tightly sealed without any concerns about mold, because there is no chance of any water infiltrating the units.

Modular housing is also built with twenty to thirty percent more materials than used in a traditionally built home to withstand the shipping process. Several studies indicate that these extra materials increase the structural strength of modular housing. Despite these extra materials, savings in labor costs keep modular housing a cost efficient way of building.

Once the modular housing units are finished, the pieces will be shipped to the site of the house. A crane is used to move the modular housing units into place. In a single day, the modular housing units should be assembled and covered with the finished roof. Over the course of the next few weeks, the modular builder will finish applying siding and any needed interior work. Depending on the amount of detail required, modular housing should take no longer than a few weeks to complete. Before the buyer is allowed to move in, a local building inspector, who will issue an occupancy permit, will conduct a final inspection.

Many people in the modular housing industry pride themselves on the homes that they create. The time and cost savings compared to a traditional home can be vast, and the benefits received in terms of customization are seldom paralleled in factory built construction. However, building a home is not for everyone. Modular housing still takes several months to complete from conception to final inspection. If you don’t have the patience, contacting a realtor for a previously constructed home is a better option.

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