SEO (Search Engine Optimization) won’t be effective in the absence of well-crafted content. And therein lies the social media advantage. SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SEO go hand in hand.

Social Media Marketing helps get eyeballs for your content, which in turn can cause a substantial increase in the number of your brand mentions around the web. What the marketers today call “top of mind,” used to be good old “brand awareness.”

For SMM to be effective, you have to understand your audience, the level of their sophistication and their choice of social media before you decide to start marketing. For instance, the older generation X might be more familiar with Facebook and Twitter than with Snapchat. So if you’re trying to reach them, you should be on Facebook.

Knowing how to use a platform effectively for reaching your audience is also important. It is very expensive for brands today to reach their audience on Facebook. Twitter is a very busy microblog that has a new tweet every few seconds for something by someone, somewhere. Understanding the pulse of every channel and how to use it to your advantage is very important so that your post does not end up in the ether.

One major advantage of SMM is its ability to tie together a bunch of images to weave a story for your audience. Major platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter use this well. If you’re using pictures, make sure you line them up correctly, and it aligns to the story you’re trying to tell.

Proper video too is gaining in popularity with live video becoming the latest fad. Strategizing is a must when crafting video content, and you need to pre-plan well to actually become engaging and effective. Most of us who love to analyze movies can visualize story arcs and how there’s always a beginning, a middle and an ending. It’s no different with videos on social media. Decide the plot and structure your story before you start creating content around it.

Make sure your story is relevant and interesting to your audience. Aligning your story with values of your audience (Locale, demographics, etc.) can help them connect to it.

You need to be using these tools well, rather than just executing them. Do not compromise on quality and end up making shoddy videos. Equipment and tools that assure quality are easily available and not that expensive.

The best platform for telling stories

Facebook and YouTube continue to be the platforms that let you reach the most people and also have enough tools at your disposal. YouTube even lets you monetize your channel if you have enough subscribers.

And finally, never forget your proposition value. As marketers, you need to make a clear statement on the value of why customers should choose your particular service or product. The value your story can provide your audience and how it can help to connect with those who you’re trying to reach.This article page is one of the best platforms to enhance your knowledge about social media marketing and how it is a powerful medium that helps you in connecting with different people from various walks of life in the form of subscribers that become your extended family.

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