You have something to tell or ask a loved one and you want to do it in a special way. Call Howie Mandel and his team. “Mobbed” is a reality show that uses the flash mob concept to help one person express or tell something to someone in an outlandish musical. You can catch the latest episodes of the show with catmouse apk as you download the app on your android device. You get the best quality videos along with all the latest episodes of the show.

Viewers can get physically involved by trying out for the flash mob. You must be 13 years old or older, include you name, age, and contact information in an email to

Real People, Real Tearjerker

When “Mobbed” first hit the air, you could here TV viewers groan, “Another reality show? Eehh.” However, thanks to high enthusiasm and a true sincerity to help ordinary people make a splash with big news, “Mobbed” is a great reality TV show treat.

Last season, “Mobbed” helped an ordinary guy pull the biggest proposal in reality TV history. Women swooned and guys cheered when Justin Davis proposed to and married Nikki Marquez. You can see the setup and payoff here.

This season started off with a real tearjerker. A father wanted to make things right with the wife and child he abandoned. First, he apologized to his daughter for not being there for her during the past year. He missed her prom night and spending Father’s Day at a restaurant with her. After a slight hesitation, the daughter forgave him. Next, he sprung a surprise apology to his wife. He said he knew that they couldn’t go back to the way things were overnight, but asked if they could take baby steps. Then, he sang her Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley, which is their song. The mob breaks out in a fast dance and guides the wife to a husband who is begging to restore their relationship. Another happy ending on “Mobbed.”

Yes, there is a chance that something might go wrong. However, there is a chance that everything will go right. “Mobbed” capitalizes on resolving conflict, not instigating it. That is what sets “Mobbed” apart from other reality TV shows. Viewers can watch real people with bad behavior all week long. It is nice to turn on a TV show that promotes a happy ending.

Howie Mandel

No one can bring the enthusiasm of a reality show to light, like Howie Mandel. Producers couldn’t have found a better host. Howie gets emotionally involved with setups because he truly believes in what the show is doing for the people. For instance, Howie identified with the father who had a broken relationship with his daughter. “I have two daughters. Not having a good relationship with either of them would be heartbreaking,” he said during the episode. Howie also commended the dad for setting a good example for other husbands and fathers who are falling short.

Good Family Reality-TV

For now, “Mobbed” is a good family-oriented reality TV show. As long as the producers don’t get intimidated by “Kendra” on E! or try to compete with “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” it is clear sailing with Christian and family audiences.

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