Shaving can be a chore that you hate to do or something that only takes a couple of minutes. I used to be the kind of person who would spend about 15-20 minutes just on shaving alone, it was such a task to go through the soap and then go over the leg, then go over again to make sure I didn’t miss anything apart from my haarschneidemaschine which is essential for my hairs. I figured out from my sister, actually, that there were a couple of things I was doing wrong. Here I’ll tell you the things that work for me and will likely work for you.

Don’t use soap! Remember I was telling you something I was doing wrong? This was one of them, soap really dries out your skin especially if you are like me and you like antibacterial everything. No matter how much I moisturized after the shower every time I took another I was all dry again.

Do use a gel or cream for your shaving lotion. The ones with added moisturizer work really well In fact when I get out of the shower if I dont’s feel like going through my lotion routine, I don’t It’s made that much of a difference, now my legs are always smooth and sexy.

Don’t use dull razors, this may sound dumb but many people can’t tell if their razor is still sharp enough to use. This could cause nicks and cuts not to mention more time spent shaving. A good way to tell you need a new razor is the amount of times it takes you to go over wherever you are shaving. On my leg for instance, I like to go over the spots I shave maybe twice just to make sure I got everything. If you go over more than 3 or definitely no more than 4 times its time to change out the razor. Also you can usually tell depending on what kind of razor you use from the moisture strip some of them change colors but most just fade over time.

Do use a razor you are comfortable holding and shaving with. In the shower I like to get things done fast I really don’t like to stay in there and mess around so I prefer using a triple or even quadruple blade razor because this way I shave less often and in half the time of a double blade. It is also important to get something with a grip I think because in the past with just a smooth grip I have had problems with dropping the razor/ If it gets wet and has shave gel on it this could possibly be very bad for whatever I’m shaving.

Last but not least DO moisturize after shaving. I don’t care if it’s your face or your legs, making sure your skin is healthy and full of moisture is the most important thing you can do to improve your shaving routine. This also helps me with the growth of hair because my skin is so healthy it kind of keeps hair fro growing in so fast. Plus who doesn’t like soft skin?

Hopefully you got some good tips out of this and you can use them to help you as much as they helped me. Happy showering!

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