Pepper Spray, Mace and Tear Gas are some of the common self defense products that you can avail in the market. But what are the differences among these three products?

Pepper sprays contains active ingredients such as Oleoresin Capsicum. It is not a man made chemical. Instead, it is created from capsaicin – an active compound in hot peppers. There are different methods of delivery in pepper sprays. These are cone mist, stream, gel, fogger and foam. Pepper spray is an effective self defense weapon because it imposes uncontrollable watering of the eyes. It could also lead to some physical conditions such as burning of nose and eyes, nasal discharge, temporary blindness and others.

Tear gas on the other hand is made up of chemical compounds like Chlorobenzylidenemalonontrile. The most popular method of delivery of this self-defense product is CN or CS grenades. This method explodes and release the compound into the air. Just like pepper spray, tear gas can impose huge amount of damage to the attackers. Some of those include burning or throat, eyes, nose, coughing, increase in blood pressure, nausea, mucus secretion, vomiting and others.

Lastly, mace is a yellowish-brown spice which comes from the nutmeg seed’s dried lacy coating. It is also one of the common self-defense products in the market. The damages it can impose to the target include burning sensation, pain, blindness, and others. It is sometimes being confused with a pepper spray but they are two totally different products.

You can find more products from Guardian Self Defense). Before buying any self-defense products in the market, it is important that you check first the rules and regulations within your local police. Most importantly, before using such products, it is crucial that you know and understand how to use them properly.

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