Joinery pertains to the process of joining different materials together in order to create a different structure. In this particular article, we are going to focus on wood joints. The benchtop Jointer tool is what you need is you are someone who works in the woodworking industry. Here are some of the best types of wood joints that you should know about. 

The Miter Joint

This pertains to wood that has been cut in an angle. When two of these types of wood is fitted together, we come to call it a miter joint. This is the type of wood that you will typically in the corner of a picture frame. 

The term miter simply means angle. This means that a miter joint can be in multiple shapes contrary to traditional belief. 

Lap Joint

A lap joint simply means that the wood joint has two wood pieces that overlap against each other. There are two kinds of lap joint. The first one is the full lap joint meaning that the wood that overlaps are nailed or glued together. On the other hand, there is also the notched lap joint. This means that the wood joints are notched and fitted together. This is actually a more preferred wood joint because there is additional strength. 

The Dowel Joint

What this simply means is that the wood joint is fitted into some kind socket. The purpose of doing this is to add strength to the joint. Some cylindrical objects are needed. Apart from that, each wood joint also needs to be drilled a socket for the whole thing to work. This is most suited for constructions wherein one needs to fasten something but a fastener isn’t a good option. Some examples are bookcases and cabinets. 

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