If one wishes to keep spiders as a pet, then one can choose tarantulas. There are over 800 types of tarantulas, and some prove to be the better ones as pets. The beginner tarantulas live on the ground or in burrows. They are quiet by nature and also slow movers. Hence for those who love to go for pets which are cute and tiny, they are the best options in the market. 

The life span of these pets can be around ten years if given proper care. Some tarantula species are here:

Mexican Red-Knee: The ones who want to keep spiders as pets the first one that comes in mind is the Mexican Red-Knee. A male can live only for about ten years, while females can live for around 20-30 years. They are easy to handle, as they are quiet by nature. A tank of 5-10 gallon is appropriate for tarantulas to dwell in.

Chilean Rose: This spider is popular among beginner, and it is also called as Chilean Fire tarantula. The life span of a male is around five years, while females can live up to 20 years. The environment suitable for Chilean Rose is warm and humid and is usually a burrowing spider. 

Costa Rican Zebra: These spiders can move very fast and are ground-dwelling. The male can live for around five years, whereas females can live up to 20 years. They require a 5-10 gallon tank with a warm and humid environment.

Mexican Redleg: These spiders are ground dwellers and usually quiet by nature but can easily get anxious. A male Mexican Redleg can live up to 5 years and a female around 30 years. The dwelling area must have a recommended temperature for these species in between 75-85 Fahrenheit with 65-70% humidity.

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