(You will learn to hate these.)

Put on some workout gear and find yourself a big open field. We use a football field, but it doesn’t really matter. Start at one goal line and run like hell to the other end. When you reach the other end, drop on your hands and knees and do ten push ups. When the push ups are done, run like hell back. DO NOT REST. When you reach goal line #1, drop on your butt and do twenty crunches. Get up. Run like hell back. Ten diamond push ups. (Diamond push ups are just regular push ups except your index fingers are touching and your thumbs are touching so your hands form a diamond shape. These suck like crazy. If you can’t do ten, do ten on your knees until you build up the strength.) Run like hell back. DO NOT SLOW DOWN. There is an imaginary grizzly bear chasing you. When you reach the other side, do twenty bicycle crunches (aka keep your legs off the ground and touch your right elbow to your left knee as if you were doing a crunch on a horizontal bicycle.) DO NOT CRY. This is very important. Run back to the other side and get into a push up position. Put your chest as far down as you can hold it, and just hold it. Ten seconds. Count slow. Believe it or not, this is the “rest” part. Get up and run to the other side. Lay down on the grass and get ready for the worst. While laying down, stretch your feet as far away from your hands as you can. Then try to close yourself like a suitcase. Bend at the waist. Meet your hands and feet as high up as they can go. Really fight gravity on this one. And don’t forget to do them rapid fire. Finish 15 of those and then scrape yourself off the grass just long enough to get to the other side. Then you can collapse in the grass and cry for your mommy. Don’t forget to check your time. Go for a personal best. It sucks the first time, but you’ll get better. No promises though. I’ve been doing these since forever and I still hate them.

Bar Workout

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Find some workout bars in a quiet place where you can fail as often as you please without getting made fun of. Preferably with sand or something soft underneath. You may need a spotter for some of these exercises. They start out hard, but once you learn to do them, it’s like riding a bike. And the best part is, they’re kinda fun, like playing on the monkey bars when you were a kid. So you don’t even realize you’re working out.

Hang on the bars for a moment. Make sure your feet can’t touch the ground. If you are right handed, hold the bar with your right hand so that your fingers are facing your body (like Wonder Woman blocking a bullet). Hold the bar with your left hand in the exact opposite fashion so that your fingers are facing away from you. Keep your hands shoulder length apart. Just hang for a sec and prepare yourself mentally. Then, when you’re ready, pull your hips to the bar and keep your legs straight. You will be hanging upside down. Keep your elbows locked. Then release and allow your body to fall forward so that you are no longer upside down. Again, you should be hanging from the bars. This time pull your hips up to the bar (like you just did) and then over so that your body does a flip over the bar. This sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. In fact, its actually harder to keep yourself balanced upside down without going over the bar in a full flip. Do these two motions (the flip and the upside down motion) until you feel comfortable with them. When you feel ready, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

Hang upside down again. Keep your elbows locked. This shouldn’t take too much effort to hold. Just hang. When you’re ready, lower your hips slowly down until your knees are about even with the bar. This takes a lot of effort. Don’t let your hips drop completely. Just hold them. Then try to bring them back up.

This is called a Bubka. A general rule for Sergei Bubka is as follows: Bubka  gt; God + Chuck Norris. You can try to be as cool as he is, but you will certainly fail. Do as many Bubkas as you can (likely 0) and then get off the bars and take a breather. You deserve it. And its about to get much worse.

For this next exercise, get back into the upside down position. Lower your hips again like you are about to do a Bubka. Instead of going back up, put your heels on the opposite side of the bar but don’t flip backwards. Just hang for a sec. This shouldn’t take too much effort. Again, we’re just hanging. Silent prayer, then try to get your heels on the other side of the bar and lift your hips to the bar in one fell swoop. Think of it as a Bubka with the added down motion of getting your heels under the bar so you can push them up again.

Sucks? Ya. But just think about how amazing its gonna look when you can do them….without crying.

Good Luck

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