Last night, the ABC’s Lateline program suggested that up to 2000 homes could be at risk of electrical fires from poorly installed rooftop solar panels. The story stated that the most commonly spotted fault during inspections was the use of the wrong circuit breakers.

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) has since moved to reassure consumers and has stated that CEC has received no reports of any solar panels causing fires in Australia.

Philip Green, the Victorian CEO of the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) said “Victorian consumers should also be reassured that Victoria’s electrical safety legislation deems roof top solar systems, whether grid connect or stand alone, to be electrical installations.

His assurance comes as a welcome news for the citizens that were worrying about short circuit accidents that had increased in the past few years and the fact that solar panels were being considered a worthy alternative has definitely changed the perception that people had on the legislation as they will now find it akin to the services of the electrician jobs Charleston, SC.

“The electrical components of solar systems are required to be installed and tested by a licensed electrician and then inspected by a licensed electrical inspector’ Mr Green said. “The customer must also be given a certificate of electrical safety as part of the compliance system, as with any electrical work”.

EnergySafe Victoria regulates electrical safety in Victoria and as such is the regulator responsible for the electrical aspects of solar panels as they are for all other electrical installations in Victoria. Similar regulatory regimes exist in each state.

This regulatory regime is on top of the solar installer accreditation and audit program undertaken by the CEC.

NECA is the peak body representing the interests of the 30,000 electrical and communications contracting businesses Australia wide. With offices in every State and NECA employs specialists in industrial relations, occupational health and safety, management, education and training, human resources and technology to provide members with representation, support and advice on a range of topics. For further information go to

For further information contact

Philip Green, Victorian Chief Executive Officer

Tel (03) 9645 5533 0412 657 337

18 February 2010

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