First of all, let me just say Web.2.0 and Social Bookmarking are here to stay and there are millions of people using it exclusively to find the information that they want on the internet. The search engines like Google and others, use algorithms to tell you what they think you are looking for. Social Bookmarking is users driven by tagging and pinging by other users like you and me, using Folksonomy methods to organize and categorize the information in a way that is important to the user. 

This is one of the reasons why it is so satisfying to the searcher, getting a result that a lot of other users have deemed important to the particular tags you are looking for. Not some algorithm version of what the search engines think you are looking for. One of the primary reasons people use the internet, after all, is to find relevant information! This is a very democratic process and eventually, a consensus is achieved among users to what is important to particular tags or keywords. These tags and keywords come under SEO. For better online ratings you need to understand this all. However, there is a credible SEO company that you can hire that will take care of your online traffic ensuring that you get better online ratings and constant traffic as well. 

So guess what you get as a webmaster using this sort of traffic, super targeted and relevant traffic, is what you get, if you use the right tags of course, and the searcher gets relevant information. A Win Win situation. This has the effect of making the search engines like Google and others, less relevant, and the user of Social Bookmarking websites keep on using them because they get the relevant information they are looking for.

So how does one get started in social bookmarking! First thing, join web 2.0 communities like Digg PR8, Technorati PR7, PR8, StumbleUpon PR7, Ice Rocket PR7, Fark PR8, Furl PR8, Kaboodle PR 6, Diigo PR 6, Dog Ear PR 4, Clipmark PR5, Squidoo PR5 and many many more, and participate by tagging and voting on information and providing fresh content to be tagged and voted on by other users. These are all web 2.0 websites that you can Piggy Back on to get social bookmarking targeted traffic to your websites. One word of caution to people reading this, one should be careful not to try to game the system or cheat by participating in user groups that vote on each other’s articles to get better ranking on Web 2.0 website top pages. 

Digg for one is taking countermeasures to deactivate these types of users that have been doing this up to now, and rightly so. You can read more here on my blog if you are interested in finding out more information on Web 2.0 and Social Bookmarking. Well, I hope this answers your questions on Social Bookmarking. 

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