Small fonts allow you to put a lot of information in a tiny space and you can get some of the most amazing small fonts from They are often employed on-line, especially on social media like Facebook. That’s great for most people. I’m not most people.

I learned a long time ago that I can increase the font size using control +. It comes in very handy most of the time. The only problem in our household comes when I forget to turn the font back to regular size. No one else has a problem.

There is a big problem with control + that most people don’t realize. It often degrades the image or words, particularly on-line. By the time I get a 2 point font to a readable size, mostly what I get are blurry lines. It’s unreadable. I have to admit, it is also very frustrating.

There are a lot of ways you can help those of us with vision problems without necessarily changing your font size. I’ve found that if there is a clear light/dark distinction, I can highlight the material and read it more easily. That may not work for everyone, but it does for me.

If you are posting something to a social media site and you note that the font is small, you can add a comment repeating what it says in larger print. I’ve seen several people do this, and I am always thankful. That extra few seconds may mean the difference between me being able to get the message or not.

On regular websites, there can be another problem for the visually impaired. If your background is very busy, or the font and background color are very similar, I may not be able to read what’s written. In some cases, I may not even be able to figure out what the pictures are. I know I’m not the only one with this difficulty. A lot of others have mentioned it.

Unless it is necessary for your site theme, plaid wallpaper is not going to keep the visually impaired on your site for very long. If your site is commercial, this will greatly increase your bounce rate, which is not a good thing. When it comes to font color, go with the opposite of your wallpaper. If the wallpaper is dark, use a very light font and vice versa.

It does take extra time to make something for those with vision challenges. It certainly isn’t a requirement, but I spend more time on sites I can see, and I truly want to read that sign you’ve posted on my news feed. If you can, please take the time to help us out.

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