While Pokemon Go players are eagerly awaiting the release of the new in-game tracker, many are struggling to cope with the nearby system. Called “sightings” the new nearby tab shows you Pokemon that are nearby but don’t show you how to track them down. Trainers are getting frustrated with the new sightings tracker, but there’s a new method that’s called Slingshot tracking that can help you find the Pokemon you are after through your Pokemon go accounts.

The Slingshot tracking method comes to us from Reddit user /u/SooperNoodle, who has proven to track Pokemon using the sightings nearby tab. While it’s obviously not foolproof, and not perfect, it’s making do with what we have. And right now that’s an incomplete Pokemon tracker.

Check out the instructions on the slingshot tracking method below. The worst-case scenario it prevents you from resorting to third-party Pokemon trackers, some of which could end up getting you banned.

Slingshot tracking How

To In short, the slingshot tracking method looks like it’s a simple process of elimination, by using the very basic sightings nearby tab. The new tracking method is just an expansion of the 3 point circle method, used when the old nearby tracker was the three-step glitch.

So when a Pokemon first appears on your sightings tab, you’ll need to walk backward to set the first circle. This is your beginning point or the yellow star as shown in the image above.

Now you’ll be walking backward and following the arrows in the diagram below. When you see the Pokemon drop off from your sightings tab, then you’ve got a good starting point.

What you are doing is trying to triangulate a rough area where the Pokemon you want in your nearby tab is located. Once you have the three red stars in the image above set out, you know the rough location of the Pokemon.

Try the slingshot tracking method yourself to see how well it works. We’ve tested it and had some positive results, but as one might imagine it’s not perfect. But it’s proof that Pokemon trainers are willing to go the extra mile and come up with these theories to help track Pokemon and help the community as well.

What do you think about the new slingshot tracking method? Did it work for you? Have any questions about it? Let us know in the comment box below! For daily Pokemon Go news, tips and guides, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to Pokemon Go Den today.

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