Many stay at home moms, dads, students and those wishing to supplement their income try to make money working from home but commonly fall victim to the numerous scam opportunities on the internet. It is not that it is impossible to earn online rather you have to know where to look and what to avoid. Many people are making a full time income working from home and you can too provided you avoid the scams. If you are one of those being scammed on a regular basis do not lose hope, keep reading and your problems will be solved.

1) Get rich schemes

The internet is full of such scams which promise to make you $5 000 overnight while you sit at home in your pjs. Have a think about it if this was true everyone would be making money from home. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is, best to give these type of scams a widebirth.

2) Do not pay any money upfront

If the opportunity is requesting you pay $30 for membership or pay some money for information, do not pay. This information is likely to be free somewhere on the internet. As for paying to join this is the only income these sites get so if you do join you will only earn if you can con others into joining, not very good business practice. Many survey companies request you pay to be sent thousands of surveys a month. This is not true, as I did join and received a few surveys, all of which could have been found by doing a search on google. With the checking of Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 rankings, the scams are reduced for the person. The following of learning should be great to educate about the fashion prevailing in the industries. Several surveys can be taken to meet with the requirements and needs of the people available at online search engines.

3) Research the opportunity

When did this company start? How do they bring in revenue and how can they afford to pay you? Before committing yourself to an online opportunity you should be able to answer these three questions. If you can see no way the site is earning money then there is a chance they will not be able to pay its users. Longer lasting companies generally have more power and indeed feedback and are more likely to pay.

4) Read the FAQ and TOS

Before joining any site make sure you are aware how the site works, and how you receive payment. If you are from India and the site says it only pays those residing in the US then there is no point in you joining.

5) Search for user feedback

Before joining a new site most people will seek advice from others and search for payment proofs online. However it is important to note that payment proofs can be fake so bare this in mind. The best way to gather feedback is to read reviews written in blogs, articles and by independent websites.

6) Give the opportunity a chance before quitting

Do not expect the money to roll in immediately. Some people start displaying google ads on their website and wonder why they do not earn a dollar a day; truth is it takes time and effort. Patience is the key.

If you follow these tips you should hopefully avoid being scammed while trying to make money online. Truth be told there are hundreds of reputable companies out there offering legitimate opportunities for you to earn money from home.

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