Everyday stress takes it’s toll on both your body and mind. Whether it’s caused by being stuck in traffic on the way to work, looming deadlines, or responsibilities after hours, the result is the same. That “fight or flight” response causes an immediate rise in blood pressure, and possibly a breakdown of the immune system, digestive troubles, and even depression if it continues.

Fortunately, there are some easy techniques that you can employ anytime to get you through and help you recover from times of stress that inevitably come up. Keep these techniques in mind especially while taking Testogen. Testogen reviews prove how efficient this supplement is in keeping the body in good shape, including keeping stress at bay.

Note: Check in with your doctor before making any major changes, especially in your eating or exercise routine. He or she can make sure there are no underlying issues or conditions that need to be addressed first.

A Better Diet

Taking good care of your body is the first line of defense. Stress depletes your system of vital nutrients while putting a greater demands on it. This can lead to fatigue and illness.

Make a plan for good eating Aim for 5 servings each of fruit and veggies each day. Introduce more whole grains in your meals – brown rice or whole wheat hamburger rolls, for example.

Caffeine is stimulating, so lowering your daily intake helps calm your nervous system. Drink lots of water each day. And make it plain, not flavored. If you like tea, grocery stores offer many choices of blends that bring on a sense of relaxation – try mint or chamomile.

White sugar is another ingredient that should be limited. The desire for sweet things during stressful times is partly the fault of hormones like Cortisol. But you can say no to the cravings and find better ways of relieving the anxiety.


Exercise is one of the most powerful and simple mood enhancers. Most people know that exercise triggers “feel good” endorphin hormones. And even the smallest of efforts can bring good results.

Yoga is a popular choice. With it’s slower and more deliberate movements and breathing, it demands concentration – your mind will let go of other thoughts while you practice. And you’ll build muscle coordination and strength that helps you deal with daily life better.

Cardio workouts are a great way to quickly elevate your mood. Walking, low-impact aerobics, dancing, running, or swimming – there are so many choices that raise your heart rate in a healthy way.

Start slow if you haven’t been doing much. You’ll still see a difference quickly. Then, make it a regular habit. If you don’t have a big chunk of time to devote to a formal workout, break it up into smaller more do-able bites during your day.

Listening To Music

Studies have shown the many benefits of music for people of all ages, including bringing on more positive emotions.

If you have favorite songs or pieces, make sure you have a CD within easy reach at home. Keep some music in your car – and if you have a mobile device, download some items and have earphones handy.

Be thoughtful about your choices. You may find a familiar tune to be comforting, even if it’s rock. But in general quieter, calmer pieces will be more soothing. Some people like the “New Age” environment sounds, like the ocean or a brook.


Sometimes the best way to let go of stress is to share how you feel. But you may not be comfortable talking to anyone, at least until you’re calmer.

Writing out how you feel allows you to feel free to vent as much as you want without being interrupted or questioned. It will probably also lead you to discover more about yourself which helps you figure out effective strategies to combat stress.

Looking back over past entries can be encouraging, as you see earlier struggles and how you overcame them. And what you learn can be the foundation for going forward in a more healthy way.


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