Setting up a UK Company

The requirements for setting up a UK limited company have changed twice in recent times; firstly in April 2008 with the abolition of the mandatory duty to have a company secretary and secondly, in October 2008, where a sole director can no longer be a corporate body.

In many ways, the number of elements which have to be in place to set up a UK company are certainly less onerous than they previously were and we now have a situation where a single person is all that is needed to meet the minimum requirement to incorporate a company. The establishing of the business in the city will require the fulfillment of the requirements. It will include the amount paying in impuestos en andorra to have the success. The growth and development of online business become easy and simple for the business owner. The establishing of the online business will offer an increase in the bank account. 

Details of the Current Requirements

At least one director must be appointed at the time the company is set-up and as stated previously, this must be a “natural person” if they are to have sole stewardship responsibilities for the entity.

When setting up a company a subscriber or shareholder must be issued with one or more shares in the business. The person also be the sole director or another person or company altogether.

A UK registered office address located in either England Wales or Scotland (for Scottish companies) will be the official address which Companies House and Revenue and Customs use to contact the business. This address can be a business or residential premises.

Companies House requires that a fee of £15 for standard incorporations or £30 for same day set-ups be paid at the time of the registration application. Company formation agents will usually pay the fee on a client’s behalf once their own charges have been satisfied.

Memorandum and Articles of Association must be presented to Companies House at the time of the submission. The responsibility for ensuring that the correct documents are presented in the right format rests with the individual or the formation agent (depending on the service purchased).

After a Company is Set-up

Following the successful setting up of a company it will be issued with a certificate of Incorporation which will show both the date of official registration and its unique company number.

Once Companies House has issued this document either electronically or in paper form the company is in existence and removing it will require a formal dissolution application to be submitted.

Once a company has been set-up it can, subject to any prohibitive clauses contained in its memorandum and articles of association, start it business activities.

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