You can learn how to tackle your own self credit repair! The truth that few people know is that credit is really very logical. When people don’t pay bills, their credit score drops. The consequence is bad credit. Pretty simple, right? If your credit score is not good, you likely already know what you need to do about it: Credit Repair through But you may also need some help in knowing the best way to go about it. Here are some tips:

To repair bad credit, you first have to know what is hurting your credit score. Are the items on your credit report reporting correctly? Are you failing to make timely payments on your credit cards? Are collection agencies bothering you? Are you behind on your car loan?

The first thing to do is get copies of your credit reports from all of the three credit reporting agencies and look over them. Then you need to decide what you need to dispute in credit dispute letters. If you are interested in an online tool that can help you create your credit repair letters in a matter of minutes-for FREE-check out the Credit Repair Letter Wiz™, which can be found at

Keep in mind two pieces of information when you are deciding this. First, everyone has a right to a credit report that is 100% accurate. Next, if you have items that are damaging your credit but are reporting right, disputing them may not do anything to change that. Plus, you could be engaging in mail fraud by asserting that you believe the account is reporting incorrectly when you know that it is not.

But if you have some real doubt regarding the accuracy of an item on the report, the decision as to whether or not you should dispute it is up to you. If the company reporting that account opts not to respond to the dispute, the item would be dropped from your credit report. It is pretty commonly known that creditors make mistakes and report things inaccurately, so if you have any doubt, you may well be justified in it. After all, the majority of credit reports have at least some errors on them. In the end, the decision is yours as to what you ought to dispute.

Most credit repair services will likely counsel you to dispute everything that is negatively affecting your credit profile. I certainly don’t encourage that sort of blatant dishonesty and gold mining, but I do support each individual’s right to a credit report that s/he feels confident is perfectly accurate. I have helped a lot of people realize that right, so I know it can be done through the credit repair process.

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