It’s possible to save income tax when selling home today. It’s all about knowing the exception, then understanding how to take advantage of it. However, be sure to have a good grasp on the tax preparation Roseville process to get the most perks. That’s because tax perks from home selling circles on proper timing and qualifications from you and your property.

How to Avoid or Reduce Income Tax from Home Selling

The basic of tax exception in home selling circles on the gain you’d receive from the transaction. It must not go beyond $250,000 if you’re single, or $500,000 when married and on a joint tax. This amount includes the total profit you’d get, which is not included in your basis expenses amount for the property.

Basis amount includes the initial price you’ve paid for your property, and the sum total of the improvements you’ve made. Subtract such amount from the final selling cost of your property after the buying process, and you’d get the gain amount. If the gain exceeds the limit, you need to report your income for taxation using the Form 1099-S.

Aside from the profit limit of $250,000 or $500,000, you must be selling your primary home to be eligible for the tax exception. Additional assets, such as your vacation house, isn’t qualified for such exception. Unless, you’d turn your secondary properties into your primary home.

You can call a property your primary home when you’ve lived for it in two years straight. Living in it once for each of the two years, such as each summer vacation, won’t qualify. If you plan to rent out your home, for example, you’re still qualified when you’ve lived in it for at least two years within a 5-year period before selling. So, there’s a good three years allowance for you to rent out your property.

These points are essential to take advantage of tax exception when selling your home. Enjoy the most out of your real estate profit today!

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