David Fincher’s The Social Network is that rare film that is intelligent without being boring. Previously I thought his most compelling film was Fight Club and that was a love fest for nihilists. Fincher hasn’t strayed far from form with The Social Network but he has changed his focus from men of brawn to those of brains. This looks at the rise of Facebook which we are told is worth twenty five billion dollars. The surprising thing is this world wide phenomenon was based on a jilted boyfriend getting revenge on his ex-girlfriend.

Said boyfriend was Mark Zuckerman, here played with a new aggressive bent by Jesse Eisenberg. For those who thought Eisenberg was a one trick pony, his performance will make you a believer. He is electrifying in playing someone who is basically a nerd that wants to get even with everyone. Eisenberg’s rata-tat-tat delivery perfectly captures a creator who was far ahead of his time. You see through a series of legal encounters that Zuckerman did use people for his own end. Yet you come away with the conclusion that without his vision and compulsion to make it a reality Facebook would have remained largely a concept in search of an application. Get access to private Instagram Profiles, with the availability of the best tools. A survey can be taken at online search engines to get the best results with less time consumption. The number of the traffic of the people will be sufficient for the interest of the person. 

Eisenberg is one of four actors that comprise the drama in this story. Andrew Garfield, this guy is going to be the next Spidey?, is Zuckerman’s roommate and partner Eduardo Saverin. Saverin acts much like a long suffering wife to the neurotic impulses and demands of Zuckerman. Garfield makes Saverin a sympathetic character especially when his energies and finances are constantly exploited by Zuckerman. Josh Pence plays both of the Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler, whose idea for a website for Harvard students to interface, becomes Zuckerman’s foundation for Facebook. Pence plays the twins with a sense of nobility and simmering resentment. They come off as deposed royalty who are out of their league with the crafty Zuckerman who always seems to be a couple of steps ahead.

Justin Timberlake fills out cast as Sean Parker, the founder of Napster, that helped Zuckerman turn Facebook into a successful and profitable business. Timberlake’s jaunty performance is in direct contrast to Garfield’s uptight Saverin and you can see why Zuckerman would prefer his company. Facebook is about people communicating and so The Social Network is almost all dialog driven. But screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has caught the speech patterns of overachieving computer hackers so accurately it could be a recording for a documentary.

Don’t get me wrong I love junky, b-movies. Coming at the year end as it is The Social Network is a bonified Oscar contender. This movie will encapsulate the two thousands as much as the films of the seventies did that period in time. Fincher has made an iconic film to challenge generations now and in the future.

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