Resident Evil 5 is an Action game released for the Playstation 3 created by Capcom. This franchise is legendary and there isn’t much that can be said. You also get resident evil movies and merch that is really popular among the fans as well. In addition to that you 2048 cupcakes game that is just like resident evil and would be appealing to all the resident evil fans. All that needs to be done is analyzing, so let’s get cracking.

Story: Resident Evil’s entire franchise has been based on scares and general firearm mayhem. This isn’t any different here, but the plot this time around seems especially inane and random. I don’t know and couldn’t figure out the motivations for many of the characters. To make a long story short, if you play this game expecting a great story you will be disappointed. Everything here is basically a cookie cutter and is executed in such a way to show it.

Graphics: In a word: amazing. You won’t be disappointed with the graphics in this game. Everything here is flat out awesome. Everything is drawn and animated beautifully and the detail in all the objects and characters is jaw-dropping. It’s hard to find a fault here, and that’s because there isn’t any. If I had to be really critical, the only thing I can think of is there isn’t a huge variety of enemies. Still, there’s quite a few and they all look splendid.

Sound: Everything here is quite solid. The sound effects are all appropriate, the music is very ambient and creepy, and the music also fits very well with what’s going on in the game. Nothing here is particularly mesmerizing or iconic, but at the same time, it doesn’t need to be. Horror games, like Horror movies, need a great atmosphere and not necessarily catchy tunes. This game succeeds in that respect very well.

Gameplay: This the most fantastically fun Resident Evil game yet. There is no doubt about it. The co-operation aspect is simply mind-blowing. You can’t have fun with gameplay like this. Your partner responds very well to your commands, and it gives a whole new dimension to the Resident Evil franchise. The game isn’t very difficult but is challenging enough not to be a total pushover. This isn’t a very long game, but I think that lends itself well to what a Horror game should be in my opinion.

Everything here is a blast, there is really nothing that aggravates you but at the same time, the game is challenging enough to be engaging.

Re playability: The unlockables in this game are off the charts. It could take you months upon months to unlock everything, and considering how many people out there are die-hard Resident Evil fans, this is a great thing. In short, this game really gives you bang for your buck and in that regard I highly recommend it.

Overall: 8/10. Could use just a little more difficult and better story.

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