Luggage is one of those necessities in life, especially if you plan to travel. Earlier in life, I purchased my luggage solely on fabric design, what I thought looked pretty, and what cost less. Let us just say, I have thrown away a lot of luggage in past. Here is a guide that will help you get it right the first time.

What different types of luggage are there?

There are several different types of luggage available:

Small carry-on: To qualify as carry-on luggage, it must be small enough to fit under an airline seat. It must also fit easily into the overhead airline compartment. Carry on luggage includes small-wheeled suitcases, computer laptop bags, shoulder bags, tote bags, backpacks, shopping bags and more. Most airlines have a metal box that your luggage must fit in to qualify as carry on luggage. Carry on luggage is best for quick weekend trips, and generally hold 2-3days of clothing. If you have waiting for your luggage and do not mind wrinkles, you can cram enough items for four or five days.

Medium and large upright suitcases: These suitcases are usually too big and heavy to be carried easily, and thankfully, now they are equipped with wheels and pull handles. These are great items for vacations and family travel. Personally, I like to pack a medium suitcase and put it inside of my large suitcase, this way I have plenty of space to carry home purchases.

Garment bags: For clothing, that you do not want folded or crinkled, garment bags are good to have. Primarily business travelers carrying suits and people going to special occasions carrying formal wear use them. The beauty of garment bags is that they can be hung on the back of the hotel room door and work as a mini closet. The problem with carry on luggage is that it can be awkward to carry, so may of them now fold and have wheels for pulling. They still do protect clothes from wrinkles and creases.

How do I get a good quality luggage?

There are several factors to consider when you are purchasing luggage. They are:

Fabric: Nylon, especially ballistic nylon is much more durable than polyester. Leather is pretty, and somewhat durable, but will lose it is attractiveness from the abuse.

Size: A large bag is great for carrying many things, but you must be able to manage it. Children should have small suitcases. Smaller women should use medium size suitcases. Leave the huge suitcases to a larger person, typically a man who can manage it. Sometimes it is easier to pull two medium suitcases than to wrestles a super sized one.

Grips and handles: Make sure the mechanisms of the luggage are durable and in scale to the rest of the luggage. A big bag should have larger wheels. Pull on and twist the handle to test for durability. Make sure the handle length is long enough for the user to pull it without having to bend over. It is also important that a medium to large bag have a kickstand to keep it upright when at rest.

Pockets and zippers: Zippers are often the first thing to break on suitcases so be sure to test them before leaving the store. The zipper should be strong and preferably metal. A protective flap should also cover the zipper. Pockets should be lined to protect against spills, which often happen when flying. Another feature you will want to consider is an expansion zipper that allows the bag to grow when more space is needed.

What should I pay for my luggage?

Luggage comes in all price range. The lower price ranges are the most disposable. Try to purchase a luggage set with a price range starting at $200.00 and ranging up to $1000.00. I am not saying you should actually pay that much for the luggage. I am just saying that should be the original price. Wait for luggage to go on sale.

While its true that the price should be affordable, it doesn’t meant that you can compromise on the quality, which will eventually prove to be cost effective even with a high price, so its better to buy reliable brands like nike, adidas, finnair, etc. while reputed, have the best products available and for hand luggage, do go for ryanair käsipagas.

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