Finding someone’s name from their phone number, sounds like a very usual thing today, right? Well, there was a time when this service was exclusive to people like private investigators and people of the law. Today we use this feature, called reverse phone directory like it is not something very exclusive. In fact, we have been using the yellow pages or page jaune as people call them for a very long time.

Why do we need a reverse phone directory?

A lot of people question, why do we even need such a service, and what could be wrong with simply looking for names from phone numbers? The reasons for the invention of such service comes out of the need for the same. It could be for finding if the number calling you is legitimate or spam and a lot of times it is helpful to gain some information as well.

How does reverse phone directory work?

The simple procedure which reverse phone directory follows is that if you look up a number in their database, you will be provided with name, area code, state, country and even email sometimes if the user has uploaded the same.

Concerns with reverse phone directory

The main problem or concern that is usually connected to finding people through numbers is privacy. Not all of us would want to others to simply look up and see that this is our number. Also, you have no control over this because the data is registered with a central organization, and to remove your number from the directory, you will have to get it removed from everywhere.

Using apps that upload your information in the directory is a different ball game altogether but that is somewhere you can be careful. You can choose to upload your contact information or not. If you do wish to upload, it is important you check what all data about you will be displayed.

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