There are three types of food that you have everyday: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each with a significance of its own as they are the most essential commodities for the existence of human life.

But in between, during evening time, there come another important time where your stomach can house delicacies in it. It is the snack time where you gobble up on tea and wafers which is also important for health reasons.

Tea time is basically when you relax after a day’s hard work that acts as a stress buster by relieving you of some of the burden of workload that you get everyday and softens things up a bit.

Another well known snack that comes to mind is the popcorn, which is basically made by excessive heating of maize that prove to be a vital savory snack that is popular across the entire world.

Popcorn machines, more popularly called poppers, are used since times of yore and the credit for its invention goes to C. Cretors and Company, founded and owned by Charles Cretors in the 19th century.

Generally, popcorn poppers were used in amusement parks and film theatres as it was not financially feasible to afford one in the house nor was there enough room for it to occupy.

The old time poppers are processed through traditional methods that is a see through box with a metal canister and a hot utensil inside.

The kernel or maize is already place in with oil on the surface which heats it up, allowing the seeds to explode and pop out.

The modern day popcorn poppers are basically microwave and are more quicker in the process than the old ones. However, due to the popcorn bag technique, home made popcorn has lost it out.

On similar lines, are the candy floss machine rental that are used for making salt water taffy and cotton candy.

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