These are the Painting Kits Supplies you will need:

* Construction paper, a brown paper grocery bag, or a sheet of card stock

* Paper or styrofoam plates

* Paint

* Sponge

* Scissors

* Pencil, pen, crayons, or markers

* Plastic to cover the painting area (table, or floor)

* Finger paints

* Glue

* Regular Typing Paper

Optional supplies:

* Glitter

* Alphabet stickers

Paint your own card #1: Sponge Hearts

Step 1: Cover your working area with plastic to protect its surface.

Step 2: Choose a piece of construction paper, card stock, or brown paper grocery bag to be your card.

Step 3: Cut the paper into a big square. Fold the paper over evenly to make your card. It should look like a rectangle.

Step 4: If you do not already have a heart sponge you can make one easily. Get a sponge and cut a heart shape out of it. Choose a small enough size that will allow you to paint several hearts on your card. You also have the option of cutting out more than one size.

Step 5: Decide what color you want your hearts to be and pour that color paint into a paper or Styrofoam plate. If you want some hearts one color and some hearts another color just use one plate for each color.

Step 6: Dip your sponge into the paint being careful not to grab too much paint. You may want to wipe some of it off on to a napkin or paper towel. Now press your sponge on your card wherever you want a heart to appear. You can change colors by washing off the sponge or by using the other side. Place some hearts on the front cover and some on the inside of the card. Make sure you leave room for a message.

Step 7: If you want to add some glitter to your hearts now is the time. Don’t worry about using too much glitter, you can always shake off any excess glitter when the paint dries.

Step 8: When the paint has dried get some markers, crayons, or a pen to write Valentine’s message on your card. Create your own message or use one of the following popular messages: “Be Mine”, “I Love You”, or “It’s Great To Have a Friend Like You”.

Paint Your Own Card #2: Finger-painted

Step 1: Cover your working area with plastic to protect its surface.

Step 2: Choose a piece of construction paper or card stock to make your card with. Cut out a big square and fold it in half.

Step 3: Draw some hearts on a regular sheet of typing paper and have your child’s finger paint on them. Try to make the hearts of all different sizes. When they are completely dry you can cut them out. If you want your hearts to have glitter add it when the hearts are still wet. Shake off any excess glitter when the hearts have completely dried.

Step 4: Glue your hearts to the front and inside of the card you made. Be creative. You can put one big one on the front of the card and several small ones on the inside. You could also put some small ones around the front of the card creating a frame.

Step 5: Get out your markers or crayons and write Valentine’s Message. You may also choose to use alphabet stickers. It looks great to write “Happy Valentine’s Day” dark and big on the front. On the inside you could write something like, “Be Mine”, “I Love You”, or “It’s Great To Have a Friend Like You”.

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