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Babysitter Questions to Ask Before Leaving Your Child

One of the toughest decisions to make as a parent is that of child care arrangements for your child if you return to working outside the home. There are several child care options available and a different set of things to look into and ask about for each child care option on the list. As an in-home babysitter for several years, and currently, I want to offer some tips on what to look for if the option you choose for your family is a personal babysitter-babysitting service offered in the home of the sitter.

Particular things to look for and ask about when looking for a babysitter that watches your child in their own home:


  1. Look around the home, most especially the areas designated for your child to sleep, eat and play in throughout the day and be sure age-appropriate safety measures are in place before you ever leave your child at the babysitters. Be sure there are outlet covers on unused electrical outlets, stair gates where necessary, no furniture or accessories that will fall on children or can be easily broken by little hands…this of this sort and that the area is generally ready for your child.
  2. Basic first aid training and a basic first aid kit handy are both a must for any babysitter, ask enough questions to feel sure the babysitter can handle minor emergencies as they occur and will know what to do in the case of sickness or accidents.
  3. If there are pets in the home, ask about not only the pet’s shots but whether or not the pet has been around children of your child’s age as well as if the pet will roam at will about the house or be put away from the children’s area.
  4. It is best that no babysitter smoke around the children, don’t take this by sight, be sure and ask if not only the babysitter but if anyone in the home smokes.


  1. Be sure to be clear about what hours your child will be at the babysitter’s and what exactly you will do if you will be later than the agreed-upon time to pick up your child from the babysitter’s.
  2. Payment rates and dates need to be set, agreed upon and double-checked to avoid any confusion at later times.
  3. Realize that the babysitter needs to be contacted if, for some reason, such as illness or appointments, you will not be bringing your child to the babysitter and have how that should happen in mind to tell the babysitter what to expect.
  4. Ask the babysitter what the plan is if your child should become sick or hurt and you need to be contacted quickly-are the necessary numbers and a phone nearby and easily reachable?
  5. What if for some reason the babysitter cannot care for your child, whether it be sickness or appointments?


While a babysitter does not necessarily have to offer a choreographed, detailed daily agenda, you should be able to feel comfortable that the children will play happily and somewhat freely with plenty of interaction from the babysitter. Some television is definitely fine, but not to the extent that the children sit and zone out the entire day. Interaction is important, the babysitter can simply join the play going on and provide lots of learning and fun.


  1. Does the babysitter smile and greet not only you, the parent but your child as well upon arrival? The babysitter should appear to like her job, to enjoy the children and their play.
  2. Enjoyment factor–while working parents often feel like they have no choice as to whether or not their child likes the babysitter and has a good time while there, this is simply not true. While a babysitter’s job is not to song-and-dance routine for the children, their happiness and contentment while in the babysitter’s care are important and a telltale sign of what kind of job the babysitter is doing in caring for the children day-to-day. While some upset in the child is expected when being left at the babysitter, you as a parent know how to tell separation issues from fear or extreme distress. Over time, a child’s upset at being left should lessen to some degree.

These are all general ideas of the types of things to consider when leaving your child in a babysitter’s home, whether on a daily basis or now and again. You will find all these features and facilities at The Heights Daycare. This will help you in avoiding all the hassle that you go through as you look for a daycare service provider for your child. 

The most important key point of all is that the babysitter truly enjoys being with the children and the rest should then come naturally, for if a person genuinely cares for children, their safety and happiness is the goal.

Where to Find Vegan Foods

Trying to locate a good place to buy vegan foods is not as difficult as it may have been 10 years ago. Most of today’s grocery stores are stocking increasingly more organic foods and vegetarian type foods. Many stores realize the importance of eating healthy and the shelves in the stores are being stocked more and more with vegan foods every month. So actually, this will not be as difficult as you might think. However, serious food allergies are rare, while intolerance of many common foods is increasing, which is why you should learn more about the symptoms of these problems and what you can do to tackle them if you going through any of these problems. 

You also can pick up some quality vegan foods at your local area health stores. They not only stock your vegan foods, but you can pick up some great recipe ideas from them, and you can discuss with a health food professional the different questions that you may have about preparing the foods. They have an array of spices that will complement most vegan foods.

A great place to shop and to save a lot on your budget would be the local roadside markets, where the farming community sells its crops to the public. You can buy many of your fruits and vegetables in bulk, and take them home and scan them for later when the product is not in season. Many of these farm owners will also have many great recipes to share with you if you take the time to ask them. You never know you may even find yourself in a new friendship.

There are many benefits to buying fruits and vegetables fresh. Primarily they have all the great nutrients. Secondly, you can store them for later by canning or preserving them like grandma used to do. Do not let the word canning scare you either it is so simple. You wash the vegetable stuff in a jar, twist the lid on, and put the jar in boiling water for about 15 minutes, and that’s it. You have just canned some food that will be preserved for years.

If you really want to save on your budget, you should grow your own garden. Gardening is not for everyone, but it is simple enough that everyone could do it if they tried. Even those living in apartments or similar can grow a garden right inside their home. Get some big pots, and plant your veggies in the pots. A corn plant or two will look beautiful in your home, or a nice bushy tomato plant. Don’t stop there, you can grow even carrots and potatoes in pots. There is no limit. Having a nice garden in your backyard is exceptionally good though, you can grow plants in abundance and preserve all your great efforts in jars for later days.

Vegan foods are not expensive, you will find that you will save at least 30% of your grocery budget when you go vegan. You will find that you are much healthier and you will probably even in the beginning lose a few of those unwanted pounds.

Progressive Weight Training Made Simple

When it comes to exercising and weight lifting, everyone has an opinion. Just go to the gym and ask a muscle head how he got so big or what he eats. I guarantee you will get 10 different responses from 10 different people. A famous bodybuilder once went to a weight lifting competition in Russia. While there he asked the Russian lifters what they were eating to get so HUGE. They all had different answers. 20/60 on protein and crabs.40/60 and so on. So if you are just starting out and would like to know what to do I have a few tips for you of my own. Remember EVERYONE has an opinion. Hear me out.

I will talk about diet in another article but for now I would like to recommend progressive weight training because it is the safest of all training programs and one that you are likely to stick with. For this article I will talk about weight training as it is different from stamina training such as jogging, swimming or playing sports. The goal of weight training is one thing. BUILD MUSCLES.


You will need access to a gym or at least a home gym that will allow you to work all of the muscles in your body. A good weight bench and squat rack will do fine. If you are REALLY out of shape you will need to start out slow, and I mean REAL slow. Stretch the muscles you are going to work thoroughly and get them nice and warm. NEVER WORK A COLD MUSCLE. EVER!! You can work your lower body every day of the week but you should let your upper body muscles rest at least 48 hours before working them again.


Begin EVERY workout with a lower body exercise such as squats and toe raises, or leg curls. Don;t wear yourself out yet just get the blood moving. Working your lower body will trigger an anabolic effect in your body an maximize the rest of your workout.


Start your workout week with the larger upper body muscles. This will be the back muscles and the chest. You can work these 2 muscles on the same day by doing lat pull downs, pull ups, rows etc. combined with dips and bench press. THIS IS DAY ONE!


Next you can move to some of the smaller muscles such as your shoulders, biceps and triceps. These exercises will include curls in any form (dumbbell or bar curls) and you should include both. Use the military press for shoulders and pulley push downs for triceps. Dips are also a good exercise to target the triceps. THIS IS DAY TWO!


If you are really trying to become a hulk you should let your muscles rest for 48 hours. Remember that you did your back and chest on day one. So on day three you can do them again. Remember you muscles only grow when they are resting. Your legs and abs can be worked out every day. If you really want to focus on your legs, set aside a day to do JUST legs because a heavy leg workout will leave you drained.


Rinse and repeat this process but remember to change up your routine form time to time so your body doesn’t get used to this routine. If you work out in the evening, change to mornings and vice versa. If you usually do mostly flat bench press do more inclined bench presses etc. You get the idea. Keep changing it up and your muscles will respond better, but allways remember to work the larger muscles BEFORE the smaller ones. Changing things up will also keep you from getting bored with the same old routine. If you are going for mass muscle production stay away form aerobics such as running. This can be counterproductive to a muscle building routine.


The idea of progressive weight training (since we know in what order to work the muscles and how ofter) is to start of slow and gradually increase the amount of weight and the intensity of repetitions. Use a certain amount of weight until you can COMFORATABLY do 10 to 15 reps. Then increase the weight to the point that you struggle to get 6 to 8 reps. Work with that until you can do 10 to 15 reps and I don’t care if it takes a year. THIS WILL WORK. Continue this process and watch your muscles BULGE. As a supplement, you can also check review of testogen. This review will let you know whether Testogen is really effective or not when it comes to building muscle.

GTA 5 Shells Out Lucrative Updates & Rewards

GTA 5 has already amazed with its thrilling storyline, exciting heists and solid gta 5 mod menu ps3 as well as for other consoles. But, that’s not all- the game has more to offer, such as amazing updates and rewards. Put simply, GTA 5 pampers and inspires players with its series of upgrades and massive rewards to kill for. Are you a new GTA 5 player? Well, then, you must be curious to know more about these updates and rewards from the game. Here is a brief of latest GTA 5 updates as well as rewards. 

6-figure rewards for Diamond status update

GTA5 has recently launched their Diamond Casino & Resort. And, in a bid to promote the latest launch, the game (virtual mode) is shelling out whooping 6-figure rewards. This means, players will now be able to avail a mindboggling 400,000 GTA$ just by logging in as well as by reaching the Diamond Status. Rewards are available for Silver Status GTA5 players as well who have penthouse. 

More reward for Diamond Status

Do you know you can get up to an even higher 50,000 GTA$ reward with Diamond Status? Yes, you heard it absolutely right. To reach to that super reward, you have to reach Diamond level by completing Platinum level as well as missions of Casino Story. Added to that awe-inspiring amount, you will also get the special Red Diamond Tee. 

Free money reward for Silver Status

If you can get to Silver Status, you will be rewarded with free money worth 250,000 GTA$. 

Money reward for Gold Status

The Gold Status reward is no less lucrative. You will get 50,000 GTA$ once you reach Gold level by completing second mission of Casino Story for Cheng. Along with the monetary reward, players will also be awarded with the exotic Royals Tattoo.

Reward for Platinum Status

Do you know the reward amount of hitting Platinum level? Well, it’s a mindblowing 50,000 GTA$!. Not only that, you will even get the original poster of Benny’s Motor Works for penthouse. 

WWE Star Stone Cold Steve Austin Signs New Movie Deal

Professional wrestling fans have gotten a chance to see one of their own shoot to the top of the Hollywood world, as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has become one of the hottest leading men in Hollywood. Another former star from the same era of the WWE wants to make that move as well. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has just signed a two-picture deal with Anchor Bay Films, with the hopes of finally making the jump into theatrical starring roles. Watching movies on platforms like ilgeniodellostreaming is a true binge dream come true. 

Austin is no stranger to movies. Even before signing this new deal, Austin appeared in big budget films like “The Expendables” and “The Longest Yard,” but those were both in supporting roles. For his major starring roles, he has been relegated to straight-to-DVD movies, with “The Condemned” being the only one that has been a hit. This first movie in the new deal is for a movie called “Kill Em All, John,” where Austin plays a former hitman pulled back in to take out a number of major crime bosses.

Whether this will just be more straight-to-DVD movies or it will actually help Austin get to theaters is another story. Here is a look at other professional wrestlers that Austin can try to eclipse as his film career marches on.

Dwayne Johnson

Of course, the biggest star is The Rock. Johnson started out his Hollywood career with typical wrestler fare – action movies. After a stint in “The Mummy” sequel “The Scorpion King,” he took on roles that were fun, but might soon lead to the typecasting Austin is facing, with “The Rundown” and “Walking Tall.” However, when Johnson went for more Disney flavored family fare, he became a box office star. Now, he mixes his family friendly stuff with major action movies and remains the hottest former WWE star to ever make his way to Hollywood.

Roddy Piper

While never reaching the level of Johnson, Rowdy Roddy Piper has something else to his name. Piper starred in one of the greatest cult hits of them all with “They Live.” This John Carpenter movie has become a staple of the geek culture, referenced in many other movies and television shows, and is something that will always make Piper a star inside and outside the squared circle. His other movies, with titles like “Hell Comes to Frogtown,” are forgetful, but “They Live” will live forever.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan starred in movies to help increase his wrestling persona. One of those movies, “No Holds Barred,” went on to actually play a role in the WWE as Hogan fought Zeus (Tiny Lister) from the movie in the WWE ring. While most of Hogan’s movies were critically blasted flops, he at least has “Rocky III” to hang his hat on as he played Thunderlips and fought Rocky Balboa in a boxer vs. wrestler match.

Andre the Giant

One of the most beloved wrestlers of all time is Andre the Giant, the gentle giant of a man. He did not have a big Hollywood career, but he did star in “The Princess Bride” as Fezzik. While this was his only really major movie role, it is iconic enough to make him memorable to people who never even saw him in the wrestling ring.

Jesse Ventura

Jesse “The Body” Ventura was one of the most flamboyant wrestlers in the WWE and went on to be an outspoken announcer. That made him a perfect fit in Hollywood for a short time. In his short career in movies, Ventura took on two very memorable roles. The first was as an announcer in the before-its-time reality themed “The Running Man.” The second was in “Predator,” a movie that boasts having two governors fighting side-by-side in Ventra and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Weight Loss: It’s Easier Than You Think

Dietary intake and exercise are not the only factors involved in weight loss. The claims made in this article are based solely from the experiences of its author, and are in no way intended to replace the medical expertise of a doctor. My claim to have lost 50 pounds is based on the fact that I am an otherwise healthy individual with normal metabolism and no medical conditions that can adversely influence weight. My guarantee is likewise based on the assumption that the reader is also free of outside influences.

When people hear the words “diet” and “weight loss,” chill bumps all too often run along one’s spine. The thought of having to give up an entire lifestyle, only to adopt one of physical taxation and depravation, is more than enough to prevent most people from even attempting to lose weight. Even weight loss clinic in Houston also claims that a lot of people have so many misconceptions about diet and this is the reason why most of them fail in losing weight.

I personally have experience with weight loss. At one time, I was a healthy 220 pounds (given that I am a 5’10” male, I wouldn’t say that I was obese per say), and I was able to lose nearly 50 pounds in only six months. The greatest part, however, was that exercise was not incorporated into my diet plan outside of normal routine physical activities such as walking around my house and lifting household items. I am now willing to share my secret to weight loss.

But first, here’s an analogy to help you understand what I’m talking about.

Let’s say that I take my car to the gas station and fill it completely full of gasoline. Let’s also say that I drive the car back to my house and leave the engine running. The car itself doesn’t move anywhere…I simply let the engine run while the car is in park. What do you think will happen? It may take some time, but the car will eventually run out of gas. My point? Cars need gas to even start.

Humans are the same way. What gasoline is to cars, calories are to humans. I know there are plenty of diet theories: low carb, low fat, and so on. But calories were the only thing I considered in my diet.

Your body requires calories for even the simplest of things to happen: your heart needs to beat, your lungs need to expand, your brain needs to pulse, and so on. Even if you were to lie in bed for 24 straight hours, your body will burn calories regardless of how much exercise you actually get. Can you already guess how I lost weight?

If you know how many calories your body burns in one day, then you can know how many calories you can eat per day and still end up burning more than you took in. Let’s assume that you burn 1800 calories per day. If you take in 1200 calories in one day, then you will lose 600 calories in total for that day. And, since there are 3500 calories in one pound, you will lose 1 pound in about 6 days.

Here is my suggestion. For one week, record the number of calories that you take in each day. Don’t change anything about the way you eat for that one week. Eat and drink just like you normally would, but write down the number of calories that are in each thing (including drinks, sodas have calories too). Then, you can email me your scores and I will be glad to help you determine how many calories you burn in a day. I have to warn you though, especially ladies, that in order to calculate this, I would have to know the three things a woman never likes to talk about: your age, your height, and your current weight.

Once I calculate your daily calorie burn, and once I can analyze your weekly calorie average, I can tell you whether or not you’re losing weight and what you can do to correct your weight. Simply visit my profile page by clicking my name (my name should appear just below the title of this article) and send me a private message. I promise that I will get back in touch with you as soon as I possibly can.

Two more things…

(1) cutting back on daily calorie intake can be dangerous if you cut back too much and too fast. Your body needs a certain amount each day, or else you will become anorexic. And, contrary to what some people believe, starving yourself is not a good way to lose weight.

(2) Always make sure that you take a multi vitamin daily. There are no calories in a multi vitamin, and you will be keeping yourself well nourished.

Helpful Tips in Finding Reliable Employment Agencies

Most general employment agencies are inefficient at connecting you with a job, especially at the higher levels of employment. But, depending on the industry, companies in search of specific personnel do make use of industry-specific placement firms. That’s even if you want a chance in the รับทำ mou พม่า กัมพูชา ลาว job listings today. (Larger employment agencies or executive recruiters often have divisions or departments devoted to specific industries.) It therefore behooves you to identify the relevant agencies. How do you find them? Start with The Yellow Pages and look under Employment Agencies. Usually, the firm’s ad describes its specialties, if any. Many trade associations and even commercial business publishers put out industry directories that list names and numbers of various services useful to the industry. Consult these guides, if they are available. Trade publications specific to your industry also usually contain ads for specialized placement agencies. 

You should understand that three kinds of agencies are available to you. 

* First, there are permanent employment agencies, where the prospective employer pays the fee (and you pay nothing). Want ads placed by such firms often specify fee paid, which means that the fee the agency charges are paid by the employer, not you. 

* Second, there are search firms that an employer retains to fill a particular position. These are the agencies most people refer to as headhunters; as with the permanent employment agencies, you pay no fee for these agencies’ services. Finally, there are permanent employment agencies whose services you pay for. 

* In the first two cases, the employer is the client. In the third case, the agency is working for you. You should also check out an agency’s credentials and credibility, which is especially important if you are paying the bill. For most people who are changing companies within an industry, the employer-paid agencies or headhunters are the most effective and least expensive alternative. Don’t even bother to pick and choose among them. Simply visit all of them.


Don’t waste your time mailing in a résumé to an agency. According to , don’t be afraid to make a phone call and set up a face-to-face interview. Depending on the salary level of the job you are seeking, you will probably visit either an agency or an executive recruiter. Agencies generally handle lower-and middle-level positions, while executive search firms are retained to fill upper-level posts. If you feel you are ready to move into upper management, pay a call on an executive recruiter. Just be aware that these firms are hired by employers to fill specific positions. Unless your résumé suggests a perfect fit, the recruiter is likely to keep your résumé on file, but isn’t likely to get you a job any time soon. The fact is that executive recruiters are hired to be proactive. They make calls and go out in search of likely candidates. The best of them are genuine consultants, who work with the client firm to establish its hiring needs and then do (sometimes extensive) research to locate and recruit the best candidate. Certainly no executive recruiter relies on walk-ins. 

Club Soccer Offers The Serious Soccer Star Player Incentive

Soccer is growing in popularity throughout the United States. Because of this growth many programs have developed to help the youth of America build on their skills. But soccer is yet to be to the U.S. what football is, and the professional soccer player’s salary is proof. So what can these many club level programs that tout high caliber coaching and skills training for the elite offer its players beyond the field? 

Club soccer has gained popularity over the years, and with the increase in popularity is the increase in fees to be a club soccer member. Without offering promises of future jobs and salary incentives clubs are still attracting fees for membership that greatly surpass that of youth organizations such as AYSO. 

This is indeed great news for soccer stars and budding rookies who can finally heave a sigh of relief as the incentive will be an added boost to their already lucrative salary as the professionals slog it out day in and day out at the field, their glistening sweat being proof of their hard work and dedication, a fact that Al-Khelaifi PSG himself went on to clarify. 

According to the website “Career Prospects in Virginia,” the average pay for a professional soccer player in the United States is about $60,000 per year. Club fees vary greatly from club to club, but let’s take a modest $1,500 per year as an example to determine what club soccer level play might cost the modest family. If the fee is $1500 per year and the player starts with the club as an eight year old and plays until eighteen, the parents of this child will invest $15,000 in training. This modest figure does not take into account that many clubs fees grow as the player ages. A seventeen year old may pay as high as $3,000 per year for participation with the same club. 


Many sports have their club or travel levels, but some of the most lucrative professional games don’t offer this level of play for the youth. Take football for example, although there are leagues that tout better quality and higher level play, these leagues are open to any player and do not require tryouts to determine whether or not a player is good enough to participate. Parents of talented football players are not at the mercy of club level expenses in order to earn their child a future entrance into college or professional level play. So what is it that makes soccer so special that it not only offers this level of play, but the fees for memberships reflect a growing trend of willing investors? 

Insight into what club soccer offers the member sheds some light into why clubs are so appealing. First of all, club soccer is a venue for players that love the game and have the skill level that demands more intensity in the game. Secondly, club level provides coaching made up of a staff of highly qualified, “professional” coaches. The coaches pay much closer attention to all aspects of the game and the building-up of individual player skills. Finally, club level is generally year round, allowing the member to focus his participation in one sport, all year. This includes a fall season and spring season, intermixed with tournaments. There is very little downtime. 

As with everything, club level soccer has its drawbacks. First of all, the time commitment throughout the year by both member and his family can be grueling. Secondly, the financial investment grows from year to year and can place a burden on family spending. Thirdly, many club soccer players become burned out from the sport before they reach an age where the training pays off. 

To answer why soccer has gained many eager participants at the club level isn’t easy. As a parent of a club soccer player my explanation is like most other parents, 

“My child needs to play at a level that challenges him, and he is not exposed to that challenge in a public soccer program such as AYSO.” 


It isn’t so much his future that I look towards in placing him in the program; rather it is his unique desire and determination that warrants this commitment from me. If there were other less expensive venues for this sport I would certainly encourage him to participate in them. 

If soccer is a sport that your child truly enjoys and he thrives under the commitment and play level involved it is completely up to you as to whether the fees and time involved from you as the parent are something you want to sign onto. Again, there is little future opportunities for these kids as it pertains to this sport, however, many parents will argue that what kids learn from this level of play goes beyond the field. What the kids walk away with is integrity, an understanding of commitment, and a deeper understanding of self accomplishment and pride. 

Buddy Love: The Mr. Hyde character in Jerry Lewis’ original version of The Nutty Professor

A few years back the American Film Institute released one of their 100 Years countdowns that presented the 50 best movie heroes and 50 best movie villains of all time. Topping the villain list was Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. That choice presents a movie fan with two problems. If you are still have not watched these amazing movies then you can watch movies online with free streaming as you click here. You get the very best and latest movies that you can watch for free as well. 

In the first place, one can argue whether Hannibal was really the villain of that, or indeed of any the movies in which he appears and is played by Anthony Hopkins. Is there any moviegoer who doesn’t think that Hannibal is an attractive character? A likable character?

The second problem is that Amon Goeth, who is surely a more despicable character as portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List than Hannibal Lecter, was a real person. A real-life villain. How the heck did Amon Goeth rank lower than not only Hannibal but Darth Vader, the Wicked Witch of the West and a cartoon Queen? (Snow White.) According to the AFI voters, Amon Goeth, who you must remember was a real Nazi, isn’t as bad a villain as the crazy chick from Fatal Attraction, the old geezer from It’s a Wonderful Life, or HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Shouldn’t a great villain by definition be someone you hate? Not necessarily, someone, you love to hate, but someone you actually intensely despise? There’s nothing wrong with an ambiguous villain, as long as there is real villainy at heart. Hannibal Lecter is basically a charming character whose villainous acts mostly take place off-camera. Compare that to cold-blooded heartlessness of Amon Goeth.

But this article really is about trying to convince those voters to reconsider their ranking of Lecter and Goeth. If you look at the top fifty villains in the AFI list, very few come from movies that contain laughs. Sure, there’s the Disney villains, who shouldn’t even be in the top 100. (Maleficent isn’t a better villain than the wicked Queen or Cruella de Vil???).

There is a comedy that contains a character who is easily the most despicable character in the history of comedic films, and who definitely is someone most of us wouldn’t give up an evening with Hannibal Lecter for, believe it or not. That this character didn’t even rate on the final list is amazing; that he wasn’t even on the original ballot is simply stunning. This character oozes slime and smarminess that makes even the character played by James Spader in Pretty in Pink look like the boy next door.

It is commonly assumed that Buddy Love was based on Dean Martin, the former partner of Jerry Lewis. Buddy Love is the Mr. Hyde character that Lewis’ Nutty Professor turns into after taking his potion. The scary thing is that as time wore on, Jerry Lewis himself came to take on the persona of Buddy Love far more than Dean Martin ever could have.

Jerry Lewis may not be the genius that the French think he is-though he is much closer to that than he is the hack that most American audiences regard him as being. Jerry Lewis’ stature as a film genius doesn’t stem from his acting ability, but he achieved a true sense of greatness in the character of Buddy Love that even such legends as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd never managed. In fact, in The Nutty Professor, Jerry Lewis achieved something that even the much more respected actor Anthony Hopkins couldn’t achieve in The Silence of the Lambs.

Lewis created a character that nobody in the audience could possibly like, yet who we’re perfectly comfortable accepting that the love interest in the movie itself could fall for. Lewis goes out on a limb here. Buddy Love is rude, crude, egocentric, sarcastic, caustic, hateful. But the audience still has no trouble believing that Stella Stevens would fall for him; after all, how many women have fallen for guys even worse than Buddy Love in real life. Buddy Love is completely and totally lacking in charm. Can you imagine Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal Lecter without charm?

Watching Jerry Lewis’ The Nutty Professor is fascinating in the same way that passing a horrible accident on the side of the road is fascinating. Buddy Love is repellant. He has absolutely no socially redeeming qualities, yet he is the center of attention wherever he goes. Buddy Love is far more despicable than, say, Norman Bates or Gordon Gecko, two more characters who made the list. Buddy Love is a genuinely disgusting human being and a fine example of how a villain should be portrayed.

Capturing the Feel of a Place

I can’t stress enough the importance of imagery when trying to convey the appeal of a product or service in this age of the internet and web-based advertising. In order to learn about the basics of any business, you should read about the sales leads that are going to give you a fair idea of how well the business is going on and how well they are doing with their sales. Moreover, business owners should learn how they can improve and develop their businesses as well. 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – this is not something a business owner should skimp on, such as trying to do the photography on the cheap by bringing in a friend of the family who is an amateur shutterbug.

Or not much better, leaving the hiring of the photographer up to your local ad agency. An important point to keep in mind that nine out of 10 agencies shop photography for their clients solely on price so as to allow for their own mark-up, and then they’ll want to retain ownership rights to all the images for resale down the road when the client needs to use the photographs again for a print ad or a press release.

The advantages of hiring an independent, professional photographer are too many to count. The one I want to emphasize in this post is the photographer’s unique ability and talent in visually capturing the true “feel” of the client’s business.

A professional photographer is a visual artist who applies the alchemy of the art form, skills of the sensitive observer and technical knowledge of camera and equipment to create photographic images that graphically illustrate the core essence of the subject. What results is something that is often not readily apparent to the casual observer until taken-in through the lens and presented as a finished photograph with the experienced hands and artistic vision of the master.

Hence why someone who is widely considered to be “just a nature photographer” can often be quite successful in creating photographs of commercial subjects (i.e. products, employees and staff, facilities, etc.) that when viewed on a web site or in a printed piece elicit a positive, emotional response from web site visitors and potential customers.

I like to call this my ability to capture the “feel” of a place, or product, business owner, business and so forth. In addition, it probably doesn’t hurt when the “nature photographer” has many years of experience working as a business owner and within other for-profit enterprises and fully understands and appreciates the spirit and drive of the entrepreneur.

A unique combination indeed, but hey, I never said I was like everyone else.

To illustrate the point of this post are several sample images of a location photoshoot I completed last week for the Inn at Cedar Falls, located in Southeastern Ohio. The owners are in the middle of making several, positive changes related to expanding the Inn’s accommodations and facilities and were in need of updated imagery for a soon-to-be-released publicity and marketing campaign.

I know and appreciate the “feel” of the Inn so well not only due to the fact that I’m a frequent guest, but also because I feel as if I’ve become a part of the Inn’s “family.” I pick-up easily on every little detail and how all those items combine to reflect the creative vision and long-term goals of the owners, Ellen and Terry.

I’m not saying it is necessary for me to carefully observe a place of business for several years to be able to visually interpret the unique “feel” through my photographs. What I am saying is that I approach all of my photographic subjects – nature, wildlife, cityscapes, portrait, products, facilities – with the same keen skills of observation, love of the good light and passion for sharing the fruits of my labor for the benefit of others, business owners and lovers of art alike.