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Dead or Alive 5 Game Review

Dead or Alive 5 is the latest fighting game to be released in the DoA franchise. It is a solid addition to the series that improves upon features that Dead or Alive 4 brought to the table and will appeal to DoA veterans and newbies alike.

Most fighting games do not have much of a plot but Dead or Alive 5 attempts to break that mold with Story Mode. After playing it for about an hour, it quickly becomes apparent why other fighters don’t bother with a story. The story in DoA5 is nonsensical. At first I thought that perhaps I was just too distracted by the huge boobs and jiggle physics on all of the female characters to pay attention to the plot but when part of the “story” involved a fight between Rig and Bass because Rig asked him why he brought his motorcycle, it became clear the Story Mode was a joke. The playing of the game should not be a joke for the players at the league of legends accounts. Proper playing should be available with the person to buy league of legends accounts from the search engines. The rates should be reasonable for the person to play the video games. 

The fight between Rig and Bass makes about as much sense as most of the fights in Story Mode though many just seem completely random. For example, at one point Ayane is wandering the streets of China when she runs into Eliot, who challenges her to a duel for no apparent reason. Days earlier, Ayane was deep inside the jungles of South America (trying to track down Kasume), when she literally just so happened to stumble across Hitomi who also challenged her to a duel for no apparent reason. This is supposed to be the story?

In addition to Story Mode, there are a variety of other game modes including Arcade, Time Attack, and Survival. These modes can make for a good change of pace but Dead Or Alive 5, like most fighting games, is really meant to be played in Versus mode.

The online Versus mode plays very smoothly. I did not experience any lag in any of my matches, which is an important factor when it comes to fighting games because split-second reaction time can decide the outcome of a fight.

There are initially 19 characters on the roster with an additional five unlockable fighters including some crossovers from the Virtua Fighter series such as Sarah Bryant and Pai Chan. The fighters all seem very balanced with no one character really sticking out as the best. It is clear that balance was a key factor in this game’s development.

Each character has over 100 different techniques at their disposal which makes Dead or Alive 5’s in-depth training mode very valuable. Training mode allows players to learn techniques through the “command training” option, and then practice them as long as they want. There is also a new type of move in Dead or Alive 5 called Power Blows which are super attacks that initiate a sort of mini cut-scene and can inflict massive damage.

Overall damage was toned down a bit, especially for counter attacks, so fights last longer in this game. Again, this goes back to the concept of balance. You can’t just land one or two combos to win anymore. This gives your opponent a chance to come back and win which makes fights much more interesting. It also allows players more time to flex their skill at the game.

Training mode can also be used to practice under poor connectivity settings as there is an option to set network speed from five bars (fast) to one bar (poor). This feature reminds me a lot of how characters in Dragon Ball Z would train in high levels of gravity in order to become super fast. Once you’re used to playing on poor network speeds, then fighting people on a good connection will become that much easier.

One of the coolest parts of Dead or Alive games is the interactive environments and Danger Zones. It is once again possible to knock players into various hazards such as an oncoming tank on one map, or through the second-story wall of a dojo on another. Another new feature in DoA5 is a mechanic called Cliffhanger. When a player loses their footing and is about to fall off part of the map, they can now chose to hang on. The upside is that they might be able to avoid being thrown off the edge or might even be able to reverse the attack. The downside is that the player risks suffering even more damage if their attacker manages to hit them again before they recover.

One feature that is missing from Dead or Alive 5 that I wish was included is some sort of information about the characters. There are a few slides about each character between some of the “chapters” in story mode, but otherwise nothing. Why is there no character biography section? If you want to learn who people are, you have to look online.

Dead or Alive 5 may not be perfect but it is a good fighting game. Fans of the series will love this new addition which only improves upon and adds onto everything that made the past games in the franchise good. It is also a good entry point for gamers who have never played a DoA title before and the variety of offline single player options makes the game very newb friendly.

Worry About Liquidation? Here’s Bitcoin Trading Leverage to Help You out

Over the years, the benefits of derivatives trading including hedging and leverage have been well known and recognized by Institutional traders in the cryptocurrency market. With these trading options, investors and traders can determine their maximum losses and gains even in assets that have high volatility such as Bitcoin. 

While these investment instruments tend to be complicated and complex, they help and support investors and traders to generate profit that is not dependent to what happens over the next months or weeks. For traders, this is very helpful to keep their peace of mind to achieve high performance. 

Relatively, derivatives have been recently used by retail traders even though they have focused mostly on the futures contracts offered by some companies such as Binance, BitMex, OKEx and many more. However, liquidation risk is probably the main challenge. This is because in general, cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile. 

Although, you do not own any bitcoins, it is still possible for you to make or generate profit by utilizing leverage to bet on the next direction of the BTC price. A lot of brokers provide wide variety of leverage levels for bitcoin leverage trading. You can also get more detailed information from Bitcoin code review. Looking for auto trading bitcoin code review? You can check this page for information.

Overall, using leverage in your bitcoin trading is certainly legal. It will help you grow your money and generate significant amount profit in your trading activities. However, it is important that you become aware and knowledgeable about the proper and the right ways of  using such financial instruments. If you done it incorrectly, there is a high possibility that you will just lose your money instead of growing it. You can look for helpful and reliable information from online sources. 

Mentoring in the Workplace

Fifteen years ago on the television show, A Different World, Whitley Gilbert-Wayne wanted to become an art buyer for the company EH Wright. While a mythical company, Whitley’s job pursuit was based on her perception that art was a company’s most valuable asset and she wanted to be in on the acquiring of such properties. Such was the thought then that beyond physical buildings, a company’s greatest investment was in priceless pieces of art by luminaries as Monet and Van Gogh. However, a trend has been erupting in corporate America as companies are figuring out that its greatest asset is not some building with fifty floors and a thousand windows. Neither is it a canvas with oils placed at the whim and mental caption of an artist whose intent was never understood. No, the belief today is that a company’s most valuable asset are the people who call that company home.

A long held practice in the legal community was to partner a new associate with either a partner at the firm in order to cut the learning curve of the associate and to help the partner push the firm’s billable hours a bit more. In the movie the Firm, Tom Cruise is the new associate brought to the firm and he is partnered with Gene Hackman, the tenured partner who has Cruise performing many of the menial, time-consuming research-focused tasks that help him perform his job better. Proper monitoring should be done at the working of the payboy singapore hrms. Time-to-time updating of the work will be done through the person to meet the requirements of the business. 

On college campuses, freshman in dorms are often placed with older, more mature students in order to decrease the rate of failure and drop-out that is associated with the transition young men and women go through when they leave home from the first time and find the college environment a threatening and confusing place to thrive in. At the University of Memphis, in addition to the Introduction to University, a semester long orientation and coaching seminar every freshman is required to take, residence life tries their best to encourage a quasi-style mentoring setup that stabilizes the newest members of the university and positions them for success.

So while mentoring of some form has been around for a while, its acceptance and implementing has been on the rise as companies figure out one of the most effective actions in human resources is not upgrading the health plans but developing strategic relationships between new or lower-level employees and management-level workers. Part of the impetus is to give neophytes a look at what they can achieve within the company. Another drive is to pass the culture of the company downward, translating the intents, goals, and objectives of the company from one employee to the next.

While life and executive level coaching remains a major initiative for companies, mentoring has increased its stature and become a viable compliment to coaching as organization invest by reinvesting in themselves. Their most successful salesman and marketing staff reinvest in the company by spending time mentoring someone beneath them. The movie the Firm is a perfect example of this. Tom Cruise became Gene Hackman’s understudy from the moment he arrived at the law firm. Hackman’s job was more than allowing Cruise to do grunt work. It was to prepare him, to show him the ropes. Between lunches and client meetings, Hackman would be advising Cruise on decisions he made and why he made them. This information is invaluable to a recent college graduation who has a great deal of book knowledge but little practical experience in handling client request and firm policies.

Companies that are looking to reinvest would be wise to take a hard look at mentoring. Beyond increasing the success and stability of its workforce it quickens the rate at which an employee is able to make a sizable contribution to an organization. When successful mentoring has taken place after a 2-3 year period, both know that they have become peers more than anything else. And that relationship benefits the company more than any art piece or real estate acquisition.

How To Fix a Slate Roof

If you ever see a house with a slate roof, chances are that it is really old. From the 1850’s to the 1920’s, slate roofs were commonly used by home builders in the US and the usual colors are black, purple, gray and red. One positive aspect of slate roofs are once they are set-up, they can survive for more than a century with minimal upkeep or none at all because slate is a sturdy material. However, it also has a propensity to crumble into thin layers of rock. It is durable, 100% fireproof and it does not soak up melted snow or rain water, rather it tends to slide from its slippery surface more freely. One negative characteristic of slate is that it adds extra weight on the house, so the structure should be good enough to hold the weight of the roof adequately. Another drawback of a slate roof is that it is expensive to buy, and if ever you have to hire a contractor to fix it, you should be ready to spend a lot of money.

Preparation for Repairs

If you are a person with the ability to do the work yourself, you can do several repairs on your slate roof. To begin with, the roof of your house is most likely very high, so you will require a helper, a very long ladder, a few scaffolding and a security harness. First, you have to climb up to the roof so you can appraise the damage. If you have to change one or more pieces of slate, you will need to find a company that sells pieces of rectangular slate. You will also require several galvanized roof nails and a slate remover.

Replacing Damaged Slate

To change a piece of cracked or broken slate, you will have to utilize the slate remover. You will then slide the hook under the grit you want to detach. Ensure the hook hitches the nail. Afterwards, hammer on the slate remover so as to take out the nail. As soon as the nails are detached from the piece of rock, it will freely slide out. You will then need to inspect the wood underneath to ensure it is firm. If the wood is damaged or rotted, you will have to change it. Ensure that the new wood matches the current wood and that you put a primer on the replacement first with an excellent quality product.

Lastly, place a new piece of slate into position and hammer a few galvanized roof nails on the replacement slate.

Once it is done, leave it for a few hours and check it every now and then to see if the nails are firmly hammered but don’t throw the old slates away as they can be utilized for other things like covering up an opening and none can do it better than

Flashings that are Defective

Leaks due to faulty flashings are another typical dilemma with slate roofs. Old flashings were made from thin pieces of copper and tends to rust and form holes in it after several years.

If this sounds like your slate roof, then you will have to change the current copper flashing. Currently, you can purchase lead-coated copper flashing for additional weather resistance. Just take out the current flashing, measure it and cut the replacement piece, and then position the new cooper flashing into place with the use of galvanized roof nails.


In conclusion, repairing a slate roof can be a difficult project, but it is possible to complete with some help and some preparation. If you follow the steps listed above, your slate roof will remain in good shape and last for years to come.

Traditional Animation A Lost Art In Film

Traditional animation is a term that may confuse some readers. You may be thinking animation, shmanimation; it’s all the same to me. However, traditional animation differs greatly from the animation we see in many major films in today’s industry. There are several distinctions that can be made between traditional animation and digital animation used in movies today.

Back when Disney and other major companies began producing animated films, each frame was hand-drawn and they were put together to make the motion picture. Films like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “The Sword in the Stone” were all hand-drawn frame by frame, which lends itself to the artistic aspects of the films. This is also referred to as cel animation or classic animation. Animation of this type was truly considered a labor of love, as each frame had to have the detail, concentration, and sweat that went into every other frame created, sometimes taking extremely long periods of time.

However, you rarely see such animation anymore in today’s film industry. Now with films like “Gnomeo and Juliet” by Touchstone Pictures or even “Despicable Me” by Universal Pictures, the sketches begin as drawings before engineers use computers to make a rendering of the image. A “rendering” is another word for a computer-generated image. Whether the images are generated in 3D, 2D, or in any other fashion, it is a much faster process when using a computer. While there is still effort and hard work placed into the films using the computer, it is a whole different kind of art and skill behind the animation. Animation companies in Singapore believe that the service that they provide will still be existing in the future. It is more than just a service they provide, it is pure art.

Although artists who draw and artists who use a computer to render an image both need an artistic eye, the physical labor differs greatly. Using a mouse and computer program would seem to be a much more effective way to remain artistic while being precise. The art behind drawing cel animation is still a precise process, but it lends itself to some inconsistencies – which I believe help create a true art piece. Little inconsistencies and mistakes can make for a unique product, whereas using a computer program or a program similar to what other production companies use lend itself to a much more watered-down and similar looking animation.

Either way you look at it, both traditional animation and digital animation both require a knowledge and skill far greater than most possess. However, the art of cel-animation is a dying one — one that hopefully a production company will choose to revive in some form or fashion. For now, we can continue to enjoy the spectacle that digital animation has brought forth to this generation and beyond.

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You Never Want to File for Bankruptcy: Here is Some Advice

Bankruptcy typically comes at a time when you are in severe financial trouble. A bankruptcy will have diverse effects on your credit score and a bankruptcy case credit report will appear on your credit report. You will not typically be able to get a mortgage or other types of secured or unsecured loans if you have a history of bankruptcy on your credit report. A bankruptcy will be on your credit report for a least 10 years so you should do anything possible to avoid filing for bankruptcy.

Financial planning is key.

One of the main things you should do is to create a budget plan. This can be one of the most effective things you can do for your personal finance management. Any expected expenses that you have on a monthly basis should be included in your financial plan. Rental fees or monthly house payments, all of your utility bills, your car payment, food expenses, health insurance and your child’s tuition and other such bills that come monthly should be included in your budget. Along with the hiring of the bankruptcy lawyer san diego, the filing of the case should be done with proper consideration over the budget of the business for the lawsuit. 

Once your financial plan has been prepared be sure to stick to it. Never give in to impulse buying. Anything that you just want and it’s not on your list of expected expenses should be avoided. You should also make it a point to put money aside for any unforeseen events. This would include medical emergencies and home repairs and anything of this nature.

Always look for the best deal. Before actually making a purchase be sure to shop around and make sure to look at all of the choices that you have. For example buying any new appliances that you may need you may find a better deal if you shop around.

A good idea would be to check the Internet and all local stores to make sure that the item is the best for your situation and at the right price. This will ensure that you get the most reasonable price and the finest products for your money.

Investigate options for paying your debt.

If you realize that you are on your way to filing for bankruptcy you take the necessary steps to make sure all of your debts are in order. One of the things that you should do is to evaluate your debt and make sure you know what should be prioritized. Gradually take care of your debts but make sure you settle any essential debts first.

One of the things that you should look at is your options for such debts. Contacting the lender and figuring out an effective payment plan for your debt could be possibility. You may be able to come to a loan agreement modification, a reinstatement, and possibly a forbearance period.

You might want to consider looking at your debt to income ratio after you have analyzed all of your options for paying off your debt. This will tell you if you need it take any extra steps in order to earn additional income and you will know what your financial capability is.

Your income to debt ratio is figured by what your expected monthly income is divided by what your monthly expenses are. This should include any details that you have listed in your financial plan and any payments that you are making towards your debt.

If you realize you’re debt is higher than your income once the final figure is calculated you may want to look at getting a different job and/or significantly reducing any unessential monthly expenses.

Six Reasons Why My Resume Always Got Thrown in the Dumpster

Way back when I first started my career, I used to send out mountains of resumes and hardly got a call. Talk about discouraging. And I never could figure out the reasons why. Then I started asking around and doing research. My job searches have never been the same since.

In my research, recruiters, hiring managers, and human resources told me over and over that most of the resumes they get are flat-out lousy. Yeah, such feeble attempts may be enough to get a candidate job with someone — somewhere. But think of how much better they’d do if their resume was high enough quality to stand out from this sea of mediocrity. According to some dumpster rental services, most of the things that they can see inside the dumpster aside from food are resume. Hence, it is very evident that most of the recruiters would just throw away applicants resume if they find it mediocre.

Here are the six reasons why my resume got thrown out without hardly being read.


I was always good at grammar and spelling, but not perfect. And that’s how your resume has to be – flawless. Many hiring managers will crumple your resume up as soon as they see a single typo. Why? Simple. Such goof ups send the signal that you aren’t careful with your work. Not a good sign for your job search.

Lack of focus

All too many resumes are just a generic cataloging of where the candidate worked and how long he was there for. In contrast, your resume should be a highly customized marketing document, in which you precisely tailor your experience to focus on the employer’s needs for the job.

Too vague

Most resumes ignore the crisp, compelling details that can add real power to a resume. Instead, they describe projects with flat, unsubstantiated claims like “Successful,” or “Important.” To add punch to those claims, let your resume tell the reader why the project was important. For example, bring in the numbers with something like, “Directed key business development project that increased revenue by 127% in one year.”

Nothing to differentiate experience

Much of the weakness on a typical resume comes down to the fact that the candidate hasn’t taken the time to really understand what makes him unique compared to other people vying for the job. Examine your individual blend of experience and skills and emphasize what make you special. Then have your resume emphasize that.

Responsibilities instead of accomplishments

Everybody lists the general nature of jobs on their resume. But any employer who might care about those jobs almost certainly already knows what those jobs are all about — nothing different from anyone else in that position. So do your resume a favor and focus on your unique accomplishments. And if you don’t have any, start working on some at your current job.

Focused too much on personal needs

Finally, few resumes look at the hiring decision from an employer’s perspective. Take the time to think of what would matter about you to a hiring manager. Key in on those things and write your resume accordingly.

How to Update a First-Aid Kit for Camping and Hunting

Each year, millions of hunters adventure into rugged camping terrain to prepared to face nature and all its beauty. Most novice hunters and campers will make sure to check and double check their camping lists, making sure to dot every “i” and cross every “t.” Packing a first-aid kit is old hat, but forgetting some of the most important items needed in case of an emergency occurs more often than not.

A typical first-aid kit comes with many necessities for every day cuts, scrapes, and burns. Items like burn-ointment, painkillers, antiseptics, anesthetic spray, tweezers, bandages, and a first-aid instruction book should all be included. Though these can be purchased from most major retailers, it is best to look through standard kits and add to them based upon what is lacking. First and foremost, the first-aid kit should be waterproof and easy to access. It should be quick and easy to open, and storing it in an accessible location should not be a problem.

A generalized first-aid checklist may not be appropriate for some. Depending upon the environment and climate, there may be more extensive requirements. Hunting in extreme conditions can present special challenges and unanticipated situations. Examples would include remote locations, extreme wind or cold, high heat indexes, and mountainous terrain. Here are some examples of items that could be added:

Flashlight with Extra Batteries – though this should be in a survival kit as well, a flashlight is important to first-aid because injuries are likely in the evenings when visibility is limited. It is important to first be able to see what medications are being taken before applying them.    Insect Repellent – many insects carry diseases and insect repellent is key to prevention of these nasty ailments. Extra Socks – In case of frostbite or a drop in body temperature, having extra socks lying around can keep heat from escaping through the lower extremities. It also doesn’t hurt to pack plenty of extra blankets.    Snake Bite Kit – snakes can show up anytime and an encounter can turn dangerous and even deadly quick. Snakebite kits can be purchased at most camping stores and even some major retailers. They even come with instructions on what to do in case of an emergency. Pocket Knife – In the great outdoors, there are a variety of obstacles to overcome. A pocketknife can come in handy in multiple situations and is a welcome addition to a first-aid kit. These knives are perfect for cutting bandages and can be used in countless survival techniques as well.    Matches – Though roughing it with sticks and stones may be on the agenda, there are times that arise when creating fire or heat is a matter of life or death. It is best to keep a book of matches both in your pocket and in an emergency kit. Water Purification Tablets – no matter how clean a stream or river seems to be, it is best to be safe rather than sorry. These tablets are inexpensive and make most water drinkable. Whistle – These can help signal for help. If camping or traveling with a group of people, having a specific whistle signal similar to Morse Code can alert others to an emergency requiring medical or first-aid attention. It can also give away location details if a camper becomes separated from the group. Along with the best muzzleloader scope for hunting, there should be carrying of the first-aid kit. There can be immediate requirement of the medicine while going out for hunting. 

Hunting should be fun and safe. It is of vital importance to update and check over the first-aid kit before each adventure into the wild. Not only does it have the potential to save a life, but it will also provide the peace of mind in knowing that each person camping is well protected against any incident that could arise.

Video Optimization Can Improve Your Web Site’s Ranking

If you want your website to be in a whole new, possibly better, category in search engine results, then you need to focus your attention on video optimization. This overlooked SEO option utilizes the power of video to sell a product online. More and more people prefer to see short video clips when they visit a website instead of reading lots of text. Let’s face it, we live in If you want your website to be in a whole new, possibly better, category in search engine a world now that doesn’t want to do much reading, but they would rather watch a video on how to do something, watch a news clip instead of reading about it in the paper, and view images to give them a more realistic interpretation of a product or service. Due to this demand, Google has chosen to index these videos and factor them into search results. This creates a whole new way to market a product through an online business. Along with premium writing, the ranking will be increased at the sites. If required, then there will be availing of the discount on video optimization. Through this discount, the rankings of the video will be increased. 

Because video optimization is underused, there is limited competition in this area. This potentially allows for significantly increased traffic to your site through the use of video optimization. There are two ways that Google allows videos to show up in search results: through video search and blended search. In the blended search, the results that appear are in categories labeled new results, image results, video results, etc. When blended search results appear, there are only about 3-5 results initially shown, then you have the option of clicking to see more. If your video ranks in the top results of a search page, the video is the first thing shown even before any text content. This shows how valuable good video optimization is.

With a video search the searcher types in a specific entertainment, informational video, or a news clip that they’re looking for and the search results will bring it up. Within this, searchers can do a general search within all types of visual results, or a more specific video search like news clips only or images only. When a searcher is looking for a video and stumbles upon your video on the first page of the search results, this will prove to be a great feat for your online business. Consequently, if your video has a low ranking but high traffic because of the amount of images visitors can browse through, that ranking is not necessarily all that bad. When someone visits your site and is able to quickly search through images, they will more than likely spread more time on your site.

You can store video and images on your own site, but there is another option that may boost your chances for more people seeing your site. This option is through the use of a hosting site like YouTube. When you place your video on it is indexed by subject and number of views; and more importantly more people will be able to view it. Plus, through your YouTube video, you can put your site’s URL and description in a link that will enable people to go directly to your website for more information or to buy your product. Not utilizing the profit and marketing potential of video optimization would be a wrong choice.

Psychoactive Nature- CBD Oil for the Season

What do you do if you are at crossroads in your life and have nowhere else to go except the almighty? The biggest assets that are essential in current times are health and wealth.

The one who has both of them is the luckiest person on earth because if you have these, other things will automatically come after you but there are very few who have that good fortune.

Let’s take the example of health as the corona virus of current times has given the world its worst epidemic in a century buy even before that, no one was short of diseases and ailments.

CBD to try out during Holidays

We are going to discuss about certain examples of some of the best CBD oils to utilize as we are confined to our homes as this is the perfect opportunity to do so:

  • Charlotte’s Web-

As these oils originate from cannabis and hemp plants, they have a step by step process with a bird’s eye view for standards and the soil on which it is grown is so pure that there is no danger of chemicals and toxins and pass lab tests with flying colors

  • Joy Organics-

They comprise of different flavors like orange, vanilla, mint and lemon as they come from these extracts to make them more soft and palatable for use

  • Green Roads-

They have a wide range of spectrum and they have oil packed where each brand has a specific dose that has to be consumed

  • Foria-

This is basically for women and their extracts are utilized for keeping women in good health as they have good absorption

Pure Kana- The extracts are so strong that they have an entrancing scent at first and are known to give relief from stress and depression. For more info, you can visit the site