YouTube videos have become a national pastime for internet users around the world. Amateur filmmakers and video camera enthusiasts have embraced the concept and filled the YouTube databases with thousands of homemade videos. I’ve spent numerous hours watching videos on YouTube and I have laughed myself silly over some of them and be shocked by just as many others. Below is a list of videos that I found to be so hilarious that I am sharing them with you. This is your final warning, be prepared for belly shaking, side hugging, knee-slapping guffaws that will have tears streaking down your face. You can even share your own videos on youtube and get popular. You can buy subscribers to make your channel more credible and this is an easy way to make your video hipper.

  1. Man At The Comedy Barn – Number one on my YouTube favorite funniest videos list features a middle-aged man on stage at a comedy show. At first, it doesn’t seem as if this is going to be very funny at all. The comedian, whose name is not mentioned in the video, invites three people from the audience to join him on stage. The middle-aged man in question sits in the middle and from the very beginning starts laughing. Pretty soon the other two guests join in. They are laughing so hard that at one point the comedian remarks, “folks the show may be over.” It isn’t until the comedian puts a microphone in front of the gentlemen that you find out exactly why this YouTube experience is so funny.
  2. Japanese Game Show – If you’re a fan of Japanese game shows then this YouTube video will have you laughing yourself sick. Six Japanese guys gather in a library to play a game of chance. Each player draws a card and the person who selects the losing card with a skull on it receives a very unwelcome but hysterical penalty. Keep in mind this is taking place in a library; I couldn’t help but wonder how loose the library rules are in Japan.
  3. Bringing Paxil Back – Instead of bringing sexy back, these guys have decided to bring Paxil back in a big way. Two guys changed the lyrics to Justin Timberlake’s song and created their own parody including their very own sexy nurse. After watching this YouTube special it’s clear to me why these guys need
  4. Prank Phone Call – Are you a fan of Crank Yankers? If so then you won’t want to miss this YouTube special. A teenage boy calls a random man on his cell phone and gives him a prank that keeps the unsuspecting victim on the phone for five minutes. The receiver of the call indulges the teenager and attempts to find out who it is that’s calling him. Warning, some language may be offensive to sensitive
  5. Crazy Tour Guide – I have to start this introduction off with an apology to anyone who might in some way lose their sense of humor and become offended by this YouTube video. I do not condone or promote any of the actions or statements in it either, but I will quote the man who says, “You gotta have respect for those who do smoke and those who don’t.” This YouTube jewel is about a tour guide in Jamaica. To fully appreciate it’s comedic candor you’ll just have to watch it for
  6. Hyperactive – Nowhere else but YouTube can you find such outrageous videos like this one. Here we have a teenager (do you notice a trend here?) who for some unknown reason looks like the crazy guy from the television show Taxi. It’s a creatively done movie clip that obviously took quite a bit of work to perfect the
  7. How To Wash A Cat – After watching this Youtube video you might think twice about giving your cat a bath. A narrator explains the process of bathing a cat while an actor really does wash a cat. Unfortunately for the actor this kitty didn’t want to be stuck in an enclosed
  8. Feeding Google 1000 Pizzas – This one is for the googlers. I was amazed at how many pizzas were made and delivered to the employees at Google. I can’t wait to see what these guys do next. I think you are really gonna get a kick out of this interesting YouTube
  9. Crazy Frog Dance – I found this YouTube video to be hilarious. Two young boys lip sync to the crazy frog song and dance around in front of the camera. It’s downright funny since neither of the two boys can
  10. Sibling Rivalry – This YouTube video is not so much funny as it is adorable although it does have it comical moments. Dog handler, trainer and free style Frisbee competitor Zak George takes his two herding dogs to the pet store and performs a serious of cute and entertaining tricks. The song he chose for background music couldn’t have been a more
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