As Freddie Cammell reviews money-making tips, we came across what seems to be an easy and lucrative way to make money online. I won’t lie, it’s also fun, and also addicting. Welcome to the fairly new world of the domainer.

In short, a domainer is someone who buys domain names and parks them with various services such as Sedo in order to make a profit through ad revenue.

From what I understand, this is the basic formula for success in order to make thousands of dollars as a domainer:

  1. Register a Domain

There are many different ways to go about this. I went to and simply began trying different domain names. I purchased three to begin my addiction:


The premise behind buying the first two was that traffic would be sent my way when people left out the “.” in a web address. Come to find out after a little research, this is a poor idea. Apparently, if I ever make any real money with these sites, I’ll get a knock on my door about trademark infringement, and will be forced to forfeit the name.

The third site, however, was my first wise move. Most domainers rely on type-in traffic. Type-in traffic refers to people choosing to simply type words into their browsers as opposed to searching. If you can find an available domain comprised of a word or two that people will likely type in, you’ve struck virtual gold. Websites like or the like make millions per day.

Lastly, is keyword value. Certain keywords are of more value than others. I chose to buy a domain with legal in the URL because I could target law firm ads to the people who go there. Law firms will pay big bucks for clicks because each click is a potential customer that could make them millions. For example, I get 41 cents per click on vs. only 15 cents per click on

  1. Park Your Domain

I chose to park mine at Sedo, however, there are many others out there. I didn’t spend more than half an hour investigating, and from what I found Sedo seemed to be both the easiest and the best paying. A five-second search revealed a multitude of others such as Traffic, ParkedNames, and ParkingDots, to name a few.

After parking them, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s important to make sure that relevant ads are displayed on your site. Choose keywords that are relevant to the domain. People won’t be clicking car advertisements if they typed in After your keywords are set up, you simply have to sit back and hope the money starts rolling in.

This is only the beginning of domaining for me. Look for more blogs in the future as this topic will definitely come up a few more times. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

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