There are a lot of Dunkin Donuts to choose from as you visit Dunkin early around 6 Am and closing time anywhere from 9 PM to 10 PM.

The first Dunkin Donuts will be on Port Saint Lucie Boulevard between Bayshore Boulevard and Airoso Boulevard. They are on the south side of the street between Dominos Pizza and Susans Flowers. They have many seats inside but also offer seats outside for your enjoyment. Their coffee flavors are great and they offer 10 different flavors and you can also buy many of the flavors for around 7.99 at the store in a bag. Of course, they are famous for their donuts and have many donuts to offer customers as well as even Iced Coffee. This Dunkin Donuts spot also offers Baskin Robbins.

The next two Dunkin Donuts is located very close to one another. One is a drive-through in the back of a Gas Station on Gatlin Boulevard. They do not offer Baskin Robins at this location. It is very close to the interstate on the Northside of the Road. This location will accept a Dunkin Donuts card and you can either sit in your car and enjoy your coffee on the road or come inside and sit at the tables available. This Dunkin donut is the one that is open the longest till around 10 PM at night. They open early and they do offer donuts also and have many items to purchase inside. The next one is down the Street on Darwin Boulevard and this one also only has Dunkin Donuts, so no Baskin Robins at this location. You can enjoy sitting outside or eating inside at this location. It is just like the one on Port Saint Lucie Boulevard just without the Baskin Robbins. It has the same type of atmosphere and the same setup with many donuts to choose from and many different flavors of iced and hot coffee available.

The next Dunkin Donuts is at the Corner of Village Green Drive and US1. This location offers Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins. They offer the 10 different flavored coffees and then of course the many different donuts to choose from. Their hours of operation are from 6 AM to around 9 PM. At this location, you can go inside to sit down go through the drive-through, or even sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. You can purchase things inside like there coffee bags or some other type of food they offer.

There is Starbucks Coffee available in Port Saint Lucie, Florida too. They have one very close to the Dunkin Donuts located on Port saint Lucie Boulevard, but a lot closer to the turnpike and Bayshore Boulevard. They offer a drive-through to go through, sitting inside or out and they offer a wide range of different coffee flavors and many different hot cocoa items to choose from.

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