They say that when it comes to real estate it is all about location, location, location, but what if that location was constantly changing? Imagine waking up each morning do a different scene. No it is not a dream, and it could be your reality. The popularity of the oober successful cruise ship “The World” has sparked the need for more floating palaces for the rich and super rich.

“The Magellan” and “The Orphalise”, ships that are currently under construction will provide its homeowners with constant changing scenery as it continually sails around the earth. Following in the foot steps of the “The world” ship a $262 million,644 feet long, amazingly successful ship with 198 residencies. These super ships are bound to take permanent, luxury cruise ship living to another level.

The Magellan will cost $750 million dollars to build, and will house over 200 condos, and penthouses that will cost anywhere between $1.8 to 8.7 million. For the lucky people who are able to grab one of these condo’s before they sell out they will inherit a home, as well as a lifestyle that supersedes what most people could dream. If this is a little out of your ideal price range, they also offer fractional ownerships (think timeshare) starting at only $156,250. Each condo will have luxury features such as custom wood and stone work, 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton linens, and plasma televisions in each condo. There will also be Wi-Fi wireless internet access available throughout the ship. Just because your home moves does not mean that you can’t get any work done!

The Orphalese plans to be even more impressive. The ship is being designed by Aker Finnyards in Helsinki , Finland , one of the world’s leaders in cruise ship building. The ship will include 200 private condos and 265 suites for cruise passengers. These passengers will consist mostly of guests of permanent residents, but will also include passengers like a “normal” cruise ship.

The Orphalise will have residences that will range from two to four bedrooms, and each condo will be priced from 1.8 to 10 million. Of course all condo’s will be fully furnished, and all utilities will be included.So if you happen to have about $18,000 per square foot lying around I would defiantly recommend looking into this ship. The spacious residences will offer between 1,000 and 4,000 square feet of living space. Believe me this is spacious for a ship.

The Orphalise will charter passengers to events all over the world, including the Olympics, Chinese New Year, and the Running of the bulls. And if you just cant decide what to wear you can always go to the 80,000 square foot shopping mall onboard, and they would be happy to find suitable attire.

It looks like we are on the cusp of the permanent cruising boom, and I would expect that with the popularity of these ships, we will see many more floating condo’s in the near future. Do a little research, call their customer service lines, and they will send you an information package that will include floor plans so that you can decide what condo works best for you. Hope to see you there. You can see Kopar at Newton to see several more housing options as well.

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