If you are a fan of Batman or just a fan of the movies you may want to know some of the comic book aspects that inspired the movie. For Batman Begins it was two different books. One story is Batman: Year One. Much like the movie it chronicles Bruce Wayne’s first year creating the persona of Batman and taking down the mob bosses in the city. The other book is Dark Knight Returns, although very few elements are present. In The Dark Knight Returns we see Batman as an elderly man fighting mutant terrorist in Gotham City. In this story the Batmobile is now a big tank like vehicle much like in Batman Begins. Another weapon present in Batman Begins is a sonar based weapon that attracts Bats and said bats attack. This weapon was present in Batman: Year One.

One addition to the movie was Ra’s Al Ghul, whose name translates as “The Demons Head” He is a villain that appears later in the career of Batman. In the movie Bruce Wayne trained under Ra’s Al Ghul and his League of Shadows. In the comics it is simply stated that Bruce trained all around the world under different masters. They also changed the name of the League. In the comics it is known as the League of Assassins. Another change is the more “supernatural” aspect of Ra’s Al Ghul. In the comics he is about 600 years old maybe even older. He is granted long life by the use of Lazarus Pits that if one bathes in it they become younger. In the movie we see Ra’s Al Ghul as two different people. We can assume the first one is the body guard and in the movie we see a lot of bald headed Asian men. In the comics the body guard is Ubu who is also bald.


When we see Liam Neeson first introduce himself as “Ducard”. This is also a character that appeared in the comics. His full name is Henri Ducard and he trained Bruce Wayne in tracking and hunting.

In the movie it is Joe Chill that killed the Bruce Wayne’s parents. This is the same in the comics. The difference is the story itself. Sometimes it is said he got away. Another it is said that no one knows who killed his parents. Currently it is said he was captured but I don’t believe he was killed. There is another version of the story where Joe Chill gets away and later on becomes a crime boss in Gotham. Batman catches up to him and reveals that he is Batman. Chill runs out explaining to his henchmen that he created the Batman and is subsequently killed by his men before revealing the identity of Batman


To sum up, batman is one character that has become one of the most beloved superheroes of the 20th century, equally appealing in both comic books and movies and his adventures with robin and his battles with his arch-nemesis Joker have to be seen to be believed, one of the most popular hero-villain combos of all time. Batman is one character which is like old wine in a new bottle, only getting better and better with the passage of time and cyberflix tv can vouch for the fact as it is met with constant demands of batman flicks every now and then.

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