When the hottest months of the year arrive, especially in areas where temperatures can be reached in some extreme cases, it seems necessary to install air conditioning equipment both in homes and offices, commercial establishments, etc. 

How to install air conditioning?

When buying an air conditioner, we often face the problem with its air conditioning installation which requires skill and knowledge of certain professions such as plumbing, construction, electrical, cooling, and some skills to use tools specific to this sector. 

One option in terms of models is to choose a model that is divided into two units, one of which is more voluminous and contains the compressor and capacitor that is placed outside the house, and the smallest that consists of the fan, evaporator, air filter, and control system, which is inside the house. 


Materials needed for air conditioning installation:

  • Air-Conditioner 
  • PVC pipe 
  • lag screws. 
  • Twists. 

How to install air conditioning step by step?

Although you need to have some skill when performing it, the steps for indoor installation are as follows: 

  1. First, determine where you want to place the indoor air conditioner unit.
  2. There should be no cables or pipes in the area that could be damaged during drilling.  
  3.  Mark the correction points on the wall, while placing the bracket on the wall. 
  4. Replace the drill a bit to the appropriate end and proceed to fix the board to the wall using the delay screws that are usually included in the air conditioning installation kit. 
  5. After emptying the circuit using the drill and chipboard, a hammer and chisel should be used to complete the work. 
  6. The pipes and the electrical cable are channeled outwards more easily, inserting a PVC pipe. 
  7. We then pass the cooling and drain pipes along with the electrical cable through the PVC pipe. 
  8. The indoor unit is placed on the installation bracket in such a way as to ensure that it remains securely connected. 
  9. When the indoor unit is already installed, proceed to the outdoor unit installation.  
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