Pokemon Go Kanto Tour has been scheduled to be held on 20th February. But there would be a Valentine’s Day event before that. The fans will be participating in this event. But even before this Valentine’s Day event, the fans have a Love Cup for battling others. This article will tell you about the rules and best of the teams of the Love Cup 2021 of Pokemon Go. You may check out pokemongoaccshop.com to know about different aspects of Pokemon Go. 

This game is also having a Lunar New Year event before the said Valentine’s Day event. Moreover, Latios and Latias also return to raid before disappearing on 20th for Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, and Mewtwo. There are many things to follow and do in Pokémon Go, but you must still know about rules and best team recommendations about Love Cup 2021. 

Rules of Love Cup 2021

This event’s first and foremost rule is to utilize creatures having 1,500 CP or lower than that. On the other hand, the rule for this event set by Niantic is that you are only allowed to use those creatures that are either pink or red. 

Moreover, Mythical and Legendary creatures are not to be eligible. You can neither use Darmanitan, Mr. Mime, or Galaria forms of Darumaka. Niantic has also compiled a specific list of the creatures that you can use in this event. 

Best teams for Love Cup 2021

A few of the best teams for Love Cup 2021 are Wigglypuff (Psychic, Charm), Clefable (Ice Beam, Charm), Magcargo (Overheat, Rock Throw), Medicham (Psychic, Counter), Scrafty (Foul Play, Counter), Slowbro (Ice Beam, Confusion). All these teams are considered to be the best of the best among all the teams out there. You have the option to visit pokemongoaccshop.com to explore different things about Pokemon Go. You will be benefitted in this way.

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